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Two If By Sea
It's A Small World
05/02/2011, Vero Beach, FL

We set out early this morning expecting the usual day on the ICW to Vero Beach. Wind was predicted to be from the east, which would allow us to have the headsail out most of the time. Wrong! Wind was from the south, around 15 mph, right on the nose. It was still a beautiful ride for the 38 mile trip. There were very few boats out and the ones that were out, for the most part, were breathtaking.

We turned up the channel for the mooring ball field at Vero and off to the left was a boat called La Buena Vida from Cape Coral. Several years ago there was a similar boat next to us at Burnt Store which left for the Bahamas and had been there, Marathon or the east coast during the summer months. Last January, they were at Georgetown in the Exumas. Now, they are at Vero. Our mooring ball is right next to them and as were tying up, Val yells over to Patty. Harold and Val came over for a visit and to catch up. What a small world.

Tomorrow Patty and I continue southward, heading for Peck Lake for the night and then on to North Lake Worth at West Palm, probably for a few days stopover. Besides, there's a Duffy's there with its ribs and two for one drinks. This one time it may be about the destination, instead of the journey.

Waiting Update
05/01/2011, Dragon Point

We're heading home. No launch Monday. Maybe Friday, not for sure. Our "launch window" is closed. So, we are off to Vero tomorrow. Weather is to be beautiful for days to come. At least we tried and were here in position. I assure you we will have a great time as our 2011 spring cruise continues.

05/01/2011, Dragon Point

After a quiet Saturday, we moved back to the anchorage to wait for an update from NASA this morning. If Monday is a go, we'll head up to Cocoa today. If no on Monday, we will go to Vera today or tomorrow. Lake O is now 4.87 feet. Too shallow to try it. So, here we go around Florida. A trip of 2 weeks if we go every day, which we won't. May even meet up with our Bahamas' friends on the way.

Good News, Bad News
04/29/2011, Back At Anchorage Yacht Basin

First, the bad news. As I am sure you know by now, the shuttle launch was scrubbed today, not by weather, although that was a legitimate concern, but for technical issues with a power unit. I hope that does not refer to Patty and me. As for the weather, we had been watching it this morning on the Iphone, what a great device, and on our laptop. No rain here, but the wind was something else. Actually, it was not that bad in Cocoa or at the Cape. So we, or David, decided to head northward around 11:30 a.m. The wind here was 10 to 15 mph. We got out of our slip, left the protected anchorage, and the winds were 20 to 25 mph, with two to three foot waves in the river. It wasn't too bad as we motored directly into the wind. My thoughts were that, at least, we would get to Cocoa and could see the launch from there. About an hour later, Patty's sister, Helen, called from Minneapolis and informed us of the cancellation. Before that call was over, Two If By Sea had turned around and was on auto helm back to Dragon Point. Helen is a life savior.

Now the good news. We returned in only a half hour, toured the anchorage, which is open to the north, and decided it would be an uncomfortable night on the hook. So, after a quick call to our now favorite east coast marina, we are back in the slip, nice and secure. With the wind blowing us in, all I had to do was steer the boat into the slip.

From what we have heard thus far, the delay would be at least 48 hours, if not 72 or more. We traveled here to see the launch and we are going to "ride" this out and see it. We do not have to be back to Burnt Store until the end of May, so we can go to Denver to see family. I do know that, even if there is more delay and we do not see the launch, we tried. That was the purpose of our trip this year and it is a success. Remember, it's the journey, and not the destination

04/30/2011 | Carol & Gil
Wow...sounds like you are having great adventures!! We should be there! Life has it's changes...we still miss the boating years! On with the camping years! Gil's shouldern surgery went well and he is recovering nicely! We'll be in Florida next year! Sail on..Carol
It's Time, We Think
04/29/2011, Melbourne, Fl

Today is the day. At least it is supposed to be. We took our slip yesterday and I put on the new raw water pump in the comfort of our air conditioning. I t would have been a hot, sweaty job out in the anchorage. In any event, we are ready to go. The only question now is if the weather will permit the shuttle to go. As of now, they are predicting a 70% chance of its going. If there is a delay, we don't know how long. The weather is supposed to improve with winds switching to the north.

We took advantage of being in town and went out for a pizza last. What a treat! Of course we had to bring off of it back.

This is a picture of Anchorage Yacht Basin. What they give up for facilities, in comparison to higher priced marinas, they make up for in friendliness. The owners and their family are great people, always willing to help and give information. We know if we are ever back up this way, which I doubt, we will stop in for a night.

We are about four hours from the launch, so we should depart by nine. If there is a launch, we are not sure where we will head to for the night. Here, we would arrive after dark. Probably, with the wind direction, we would stop at Cocoa. After that, we will start our long trek home through Miami, as Lake O is now under five feet. A final decision has not been made.

Still In Dragon Point
04/28/2011, Melbourne, Fl

While waiting for the UPS delivery of our raw water pump, we decided to go to town. The previous day we watched a dinghy from another boat land on a little sandy beach next to the marina and some mangroves. We checked with the marina and were told that it no longer had a dinghy dock for use by those anchored, but that it was possible to use that sandy strip, even though it was marked as private. So, off we went. It may be private but there is a well worn path from the landing spot up to the road. There was a Publix across the street which allowed us to get a few items.

Later in the day we checked with the marina and were told our part had arrived. Off we went again to get it and introduce ourselves to the owners. They were so helpful and allowed the pump to be delivered at their location. While visiting with them we learned of the dock rates for one night and decided we would bring the boat in the next morning. This allowed us to use the air conditioning while installing the pump, do laundry, and take showers. We may even walk into town again tonight for pizza. A real treat when traveling.

Last night I got up around 1:30 a.m. "to check on Patty's safety and welfare." I noticed that we and another large trawler near us were facing north instead of south into the breeze. I watched the other boat for awhile and realized that it was getting closer. Apparently, it was dragging its anchor. Eventually, it was close enough that I had to fend it off from hitting us. I woke up the other boater who readily agreed that the problem was his and that he would move. He did so and by 3:30 a.m. the excitement was over. Things change and can go bump in the night. You can never be too cautious when anchoring or checking on those anchored near you, particularly in wind and current.

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