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Two If By Sea
Best Sailing Days Yet
05/11/2011, Tarpon Basin Key Largo

Shortly after I blogged yesterday morning in Biscayne Bay, the wins came up and we motor sailed the rest of the way to Elliott Key at about 7+ mph on flat water. Glorious! We anchored in 6+ feet of water and there were no other boats within miles until the evening. I did manage to get into the warm water to clean the waterline. Very bad. The diver at home will have a challenge doing the bottom when we are back. Time to have it repainted.

We were up and underway by 7:00 this morning. Absolutely beautiful with a nice breeze, allowing us to motor sail a couple of hours. We completed Biscayne Bay, then went through Card Sound, Little Card Sound, Barnes Sound, Blackwater Sound and are now anchored in Tarpon Basin off Key Larg
o. The last two days have been the prettiest of the trip.

Now for an update on Patty's health. There has been some improvement but she doubts she would be much help in the remaining long days ahead. So our very
dear friend Tom and Maureen of s/v Cantagree are driving sown this afternoon
to get her and Tom will help me bring the boat back. He is excited about it as
they have the same boat as ours. Their recent trip to the Exumas was a bit shorter than expected so now he gets to repeat the last few days of their trip. Toy cannever have enough friends like Tom and Maureen. So, we have been getting the boat ready for his inspection. Peer pressure!

Heading Through The Keys
05/10/2011, Middle of Biscayne Bay

We are in the middle of Biscayne Bay heading to Elliot Key from Dinner Key/Coconut Grove. Hot, smokey, no wind. Good trip yesterday from Ft Lauderdale through Miami. Little boat traffic but more bridges. Done with those now!! I love Ft Laudderdale/Port Everglades. Beautiful homes with 100+ foot boats next to them. We did have to avoid a container ship as we left yesterday morning. He's a bit bigger than we and we did not want to challenge him. Hope to swim this afternoon and clean the boat's waterline.

05/08/2011, Ft Lauderdale

We were here two years ago and went into the ocean where I am positive that I saw a shark swim between us. Not possible today. Why? The poor fish would have been trampled by all the people. There were so many on the beach that they had to take numbers to go into the water. I still can't believe the number of people. Maybe it was because of Mother's Day.

Easy day today, even with 10 bridges. On the way, we saw a Hunter sailboat by the name of Bright Star. There used to be such a boat at Burnt Store Marina and for a while it was on our dock. The owners put it on the market. This captain purchased it sometime last year and moved it to Boca Raton. It is not unusual to come across people on boats you know. In fact, whilevat the marina this afternoon, we watched a boat come into a slip and saw that it was from Punta Gorda. Another boat here is on its way to All American Boat Yard in Charlotte Harbor.

Tomorrow we are off to Key Biscayne, past Miami. From there, I think we will work our way down the Keys, enjoy the solitude and do some swimming.

On The Move Again
05/07/2011, Delray Beach Fl

We are anchored in Delray Beach after an easy 6 ½ hour ride down the ICW, although a slow one. We left the marina at 8:00 this morning and headed south through Lake Worth, past Palm Beach. One of the problems with today's segment is that there are 10 bridges to pass through, some are on demand and will open whenever you arrive and some are on a set schedule and open only on designated times, such as on the hour and on the half hour. On two occasions we were a minute or two late and had to wait for a half hour before the bridge would open. I would pass that time by practicing backing up the boat to an object in the water. I don't do much reversing and this is good practice for whenever I try to back our boat into a slip. Maybe this summer, although I say that each year.

We saw one very interesting thing in West Palm. We were going past a commercial dock where a large ship was docked. Along side we noticed a 60+ foot private yacht just waiting. We looked again and we saw that the commercial boat had another private yacht hanging over the side in a sling, raising it up. Apparently, it was loading these boats on board to transport them across the Atlantic. Not sure what is done with them when on board but believe they are put in water onboard, moved into stands, and the water pumped out. Like a dry dock.

Tomorrow we head to Ft. Lauderdale and a mooring ball. It's a short trip of about four hours and another ten bridges. Then it's off to the beach. We were there two years ago and I know I saw a shark swim past us. Not sure how far we will go in this time. Then off to Miami.

We're Still Here
05/06/2011, North Palm Beach

We're still here, but leaving tomorrow. Watching the weather last night and this morning, we decided to stay another day. Rain this morning and predicted thunder storms this afternoon made the decision easy. We have days to kill and there is no reason to put us out there in bad weather, particularly when we have to deal with opening 10 bridges during the next segment. I might also add that we both have had a cold and cough and the extra day will only help in getting through that.

Did you know that the shuttle launch has been delayed again? The new tentative date is May 16. The original date was April 19. We waited through three dates and there is no guarantee that the 16th is good.

Another Goal Achieved
05/05/2011, North Palm Beach

We may not have reached the goal of witnessing a shuttle launch, we did make it to Duffy's at North Palm Beach. We had anticipated anchoring in North Lake Worth and we would have taken our dinghy to a spot near the restaurant. But, the dockage deal was just too good to pass up. It was so good that, because of the rain this morning, we stayed another night. This allowed us to do some boat chores, such as changing the oil and washing the boat. Instead of boating to Duffy's, we walked the mile distance, hit the grocery store, and Patty got her hair trimmed.

Tomorrow, we are back on the water to an anchorage in Delray Beach. We stayed there two years ago and those in the know will understand when I say it is like Cape Haze. It's only about 28 miles from here but we have to go through 10 bridges which usually slows down the trip. Two years ago it took us 6 ½ hours. Without the bridges, it should take 4 ½ hours. We only have time on our side.

05/08/2011 | ConchyJoe
My first job as a teenager was as a bagboy at that very Publix. Back then Duyys was actually an Eckerds Drugstore.

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