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Two If By Sea
Ft. Pierce

Now, I remember why I am not a regular bus rider. Because we are still in Stuart waiting for the right weather to cross over to the Bahamas, we decided to take the bus to Ft. Pierce, which is only 30 miles north of us. My first mistake was to assume it would be an express or limited stop bus. Boy, was I wrong!! We left from Stuart and after an hour and a half, we still were in route. We must have stopped at every Walmart, Kmart, convenience store and intersection. We even stopped at the Social Security Office. Our next mistake was not to get off at the right stop. Who needs a map, anyway. So, we stayed on until the most northerly stop and then walked a mile back on the route to the downtown/waterfront area. If you can remember, Ft. Pierce was devastated in the 2004 hurricanes, but has been completely rebuilt and is terrific. We had lunch on the water and then decided to head back, only we didn't know where to go. Our traveling companions, Bob and Mary stopped in the city offices for directions. The staff took pity on us and we ended up getting a ride from the street supervisor to the bus stop. Incidentally, he reminded us that this bus stop location is known for its street gangs, drugs, and prostitution. He suggested that we wait in the fire station across the street. The trip back south took only an hour. It's amazing how time flies when you are having fun. I wonder what we are going to do Thursday? Laundry, perhaps?

04/23/2009 | doug
Patty & David,
Have enjoyed your site...
While in Stuart, you should check out Aqutech marine consignments. Just in there today. They have alot of sailing gear and other boat stuff. I love to go in and just browse. They are on the corner of Salerno Road and Dixie (aka A1A). Good luck on your trip.
04/23/2009 | Bob and Geri
Hey there! We went to the blog beginning and have now become familiar with the route!
Hope you have weather soon, and are headed east. We are on Fearless Spirit this week, and making plans to make this more permanent. Love you guys. PS: Is that the photo we took of you headed to the Keys in 2004?
04/23/2009 | Baby
love it. traveling stories. nothing better. pat, that picture could be taken of any field woman given enough time to sun i have to say... mom? anyway, bon voyage a vous deux-vraiment! amusez-vous bien pendant le voyage et la vie! Je vous aime beaucoup!
A Busy Day?

Yesterday was another typically exciting day with a walk to Publix for some treats and a stop at Windy's for a frosty. We're now talking about taking a bus up to Ft. Pierce tomorrow, as we are still waiting for the right weather to cross to the Bahamas. Last night we finally got some rain to help wash off the boat. We also took advantage of skype yesterday with a long video call with some of Patty's family in Minneapolis and then Austin in Cairo. You can see how I earned that moment's rest on the bench.

04/21/2009 | Jess&Sheri
hoping the winds change so you can make that crossing, but sounds like you guys are taking in the sights and sounds right where your at, spoke with ed & trudy, sounds like they wish they could meet up with you at the east end of your trip. hang in there, were hoping only the best for you.
04/21/2009 | Barb
Check out DamSal if you make it to Ft. Pierce. Still waiting for labor pains!
04/22/2009 | Ed & Trude
Hi Guys, Can you say East, East, East, East, oh that's right it's the wind not the direction you want to go. Sorry about that. Hope you get good winds soon !!
Another day

While we wait for appropriate weather, we spent Sunday in Stuart. We first went into a Farmers' Market in the morning, wandering around the tents of produce, pictures, clothes, teddy bears, etc. After lunch on the boat, we went to a "rock concert" in a park on the St. Lucie River. The sun was in and out, the breeze was up and the musicians sang for four hours, although we lasted only two! Lots of Led Zepplin from a lead singer, two guitarists and a drummer. On the way back to the boat, we stopped off at a local pub for a beer and watched some of the Heritage golf tournament. The evening was quiet, including a throttling of David by Patty in a game of Scrabble. We'll be in Stuart for several more days...

04/20/2009 | Richard & Joanne Collins
Arrived Marathon yesterday after many delays - we also waited out the cold front but we waited in Burnt Store! Tom & Maureen are back in Boot Key Harbor moored beside us.

Sounds like your doing well. Let's hope we all have an uneventful crossing!

as expected, we're still in Stuart and will be for five more days or so, most likely. we have consistent NE 15-20k and that means we're here. today, we'll just hang out in town, hopefully not eating yet another ice cream cone. we're contemplating a bike ride through neighborhoods across the river, but weather may delay that plan, too. tomorrow is a farmer's market followed by a jazz concert on the river, so that's our plan for Sunday. tonight we're planning to play dice games with our buddy boat. boat chores continue as we brought some ants from Rivertown Marina and they like it inside!

04/18/2009 | Hep
Spring in FLA has nothing on us. Three feet + of snow above Horsetooth, loads of rain in town but fortunately little or no snow. Keep up the great reporting-with you vicariously!
04/19/2009 | Marcia Gerst
We're here starting our golf season. Played the last 4 days and taking this somewhat rainy day off. Barry's there of course. Looking forward to seeing the Seattle crew this weekend. Take care of you two. Take pictures ...
04/19/2009 | Carol & Gil
We are watching the weather for you! We are still jealous even tho you haven't crossed yet. It still sounds terrific! Gil has a slight case of pneumonia! We came home from Fl to early! See you this summer I hope.Good luck crossing
04/19/2009 | Barb & Jim
Your beginning to sound like our bounce on the mooring in Miami. Hope your off for smooth sailing by the end of the week.
Still waiting for baby. Love, Barb
04/20/2009 | Eby
Sounds like you have some time now, maybe too much? I've enjoyed the journey so far. For those of us still in the rain with only a minimal sign of spring, your adventure is a break in the bleak!
Sunset Bay Marina & Anchorage
04/16/2009, Stuart, FL

The mooring ball field here is getting full and we have a prime spot for watching the sunset. The facility is new and terrific, though not completed as the boaters' lounge and shipstore are not available yet. The town is a few blocks away and is full of resorty shops and galleries, complete with a concert planned for the city part Friday pm and a jazz concert on Sunday afternoon! We enjoyed two-for-one margaritas last night at a good Mexican restaurant. We will be here for several days as a front blows through, but there is plenty to keep us busy.

04/17/2009 | Dave & Linda
Hi from Vegas. We are here for the FEI World Cup Show Jumping Finals. Lots of fun. Finding recession type sites to enjoy as well. Barb and Chris are here from Scottsdale as well. This is our first chance to catch up on your blog. Have a great voyage "across". Love and prayers.
Dave & Linda
Stuart - 4/15/09

We are at Sunset Bay Marina which has a mooring ball field managed by the City of Stuart, Florida. We have made it to the east coast. Our last night at Indiantown Marina was quite interesting. First, we found an Italian restaurant in town that would come to the marina and pick us up for dinner and then drive us back. A great service for those traveling by boat when the marina is not immediately adjacent to a community. After our return from dinner, a front came through and the winds picked up to 35 to 40 mph for a couple of hours. After making sure the boat was secure, Patty and I headed to the boater's lounge to watch some television. One boater told us he registered a gust of 60 mph. We pulled out of Indiantown at 9:00 this morning and arrived here by 1:30 pm., having to go through another lock on the St. Lucie River that lowered us about 8 feet. We plan on being here until Monday or Tuesday when the weather should be right to cross over to the Bahamas.

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