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Two If By Sea
Final Days At Stuart

It's time for an update and, perhaps, a final word before we cross. Sunday is to be the day as things now stand. The winds are to be about 10 knots out of the southeast, with waves 2 to 3 feet. During the last couple of days, we have just been hanging around the anchorage and going into town occasionally. We did hop on the bus yesterday and ran up to our favorite mall for a new sudoku book as we are about to finish the one we have on board. We also happened to find a Haagen-Daz store there. Cannot pass up on the ice cream.

Since we have been here, we have listened to a local radio station that advertises upcoming concerts. It seems that we have returned to the 60s and 70s as the groups include Spyra Gyra, Jefferson Airplane, Davy Jones, Steve Miller, James Taylor, Kenny Rogers, Hall and Oates, and The Beach Boys. Where is Rick Springfield? Says something about the audiences in eastern Florida.

Because of our delayed departure from here, our friends from P Dock at Burnt Store Marina, John and Celia, have caught up with us. They are taking their 42 Grand Banks trawler back north to New Jersey and will be taking a mooring ball here tonight.

We have talked so much about where we are, we walked across the highway bridge this morning to take this picture. Our boat, along with Bob and Mary's, is in the final row.

Movie Review

We are still in Stuart but it now looks as if Saturday will be the day for the next leg of this cruise - Grand Bahama Island and Old Bahama Bay Marina at West End. However, because we are still here, we decided this was movie day. We got back on the same bus we used previously to get lost on and headed to Treasure Coast Mall in Jensen Beach. Fortunately, it was the first stop, right at the main entrance. The movie selection was State of Play, starring Ben Affleck and Russell Crowe. The setting was in Washington D.C. and was quite suspenseful. A good way to spend an afternoon. We even got on the right bus for the return trip, only after Patty and I did a quick run down the highway to West Marine for a chart purchase, and an even faster run back to the bus stop. Our traveling companions, Bob and Mary, held the bus departure for a few minutes as they could see us running back. We will be checking the weather forecasts for the next few days and hope to leave here Thursday for a run down the Intracoastal Waterway to West Palm. There, we will anchor for a night or two and then depart early in the morning.

Idle Time

Some of you may wonder what we do to keep ourselves occupied while we wait for the right crossing weather. First, we have a supply of books to read. Most marinas have "boaters' exchange libraries" which have paperbacks others have read and left behind. So, you can take a book and leave those you have already read. Some boaters put into the books where they got them and it is amazing the travels of some of the books. We also have our Sudoku to maintain our mental sharpness. Patty and I enjoy cards, but we get quite competitive at times. Then if you travel with another boat, as we are, we will occasionally get together in the evenings . Last night was team cribbage, men vs. women. Guess who won?

04/26/2009 | carol & gil
We're waiting with you!! Living vicariously! Wish we were there! I wore my foulie jacket in the rain yesterday (it poured) and cried! Good luck...Carol
04/26/2009 | Barb and Jim
10 days overdue! Jim is now in Sedona and I'm running out of projects here. Sorry to hear your still waiting - hang in there it's worth it. xoxo
04/27/2009 | cantagree
still stuck here, Marilyn and John will be coming back in 10 days!!!! maybe we could meet up with them and cry while we listen to all the great bahama stories they tell- when are you coming south? we'll be going north on Wed.and stop in Pennekamp sometime this week. See you soon? M&T
A Bike Ride

As a result of our map-less adventure to Ft. Pierce the other day, we learned our lesson. Today, we decided to find our way to CVS to buy Mother's Day cards. So, yesterday we went online to find the closest location which was on US 1, which happens to be the busiest 6 lane highway I can remember. It also has no bike lane. We then map quested the location, using back roads from the marina. Instead of 3 miles, the route became 6 miles as we wound our way along the river front and very nice cottages and homes. We got on the bikes provided by the marina and headed out. The map worked and we reached our destination in a timely manner, did our transactions, and noticed a Starbucks next door. We couldn't pass that up. All in all, our little trip took a couple of hours and we got some exercise, and some calories, at the same time.

Yesterday was a rest up day form our excursion north and caught up on some laundry. We talked with our fiends Glyn and Chris who called from England and then talked with another couple who are also waiting in Marathon to cross over to the Exumas. We suggested we could change our plans and just meet in Miami instead of going to the Bahamas. They indicated that they would think about it. Rumor has it that the weather for crossing won't improve until the end of next week.

Ft. Pierce

Now, I remember why I am not a regular bus rider. Because we are still in Stuart waiting for the right weather to cross over to the Bahamas, we decided to take the bus to Ft. Pierce, which is only 30 miles north of us. My first mistake was to assume it would be an express or limited stop bus. Boy, was I wrong!! We left from Stuart and after an hour and a half, we still were in route. We must have stopped at every Walmart, Kmart, convenience store and intersection. We even stopped at the Social Security Office. Our next mistake was not to get off at the right stop. Who needs a map, anyway. So, we stayed on until the most northerly stop and then walked a mile back on the route to the downtown/waterfront area. If you can remember, Ft. Pierce was devastated in the 2004 hurricanes, but has been completely rebuilt and is terrific. We had lunch on the water and then decided to head back, only we didn't know where to go. Our traveling companions, Bob and Mary stopped in the city offices for directions. The staff took pity on us and we ended up getting a ride from the street supervisor to the bus stop. Incidentally, he reminded us that this bus stop location is known for its street gangs, drugs, and prostitution. He suggested that we wait in the fire station across the street. The trip back south took only an hour. It's amazing how time flies when you are having fun. I wonder what we are going to do Thursday? Laundry, perhaps?

04/23/2009 | doug
Patty & David,
Have enjoyed your site...
While in Stuart, you should check out Aqutech marine consignments. Just in there today. They have alot of sailing gear and other boat stuff. I love to go in and just browse. They are on the corner of Salerno Road and Dixie (aka A1A). Good luck on your trip.
04/23/2009 | Bob and Geri
Hey there! We went to the blog beginning and have now become familiar with the route!
Hope you have weather soon, and are headed east. We are on Fearless Spirit this week, and making plans to make this more permanent. Love you guys. PS: Is that the photo we took of you headed to the Keys in 2004?
04/23/2009 | Baby
love it. traveling stories. nothing better. pat, that picture could be taken of any field woman given enough time to sun i have to say... mom? anyway, bon voyage a vous deux-vraiment! amusez-vous bien pendant le voyage et la vie! Je vous aime beaucoup!
A Busy Day?

Yesterday was another typically exciting day with a walk to Publix for some treats and a stop at Windy's for a frosty. We're now talking about taking a bus up to Ft. Pierce tomorrow, as we are still waiting for the right weather to cross to the Bahamas. Last night we finally got some rain to help wash off the boat. We also took advantage of skype yesterday with a long video call with some of Patty's family in Minneapolis and then Austin in Cairo. You can see how I earned that moment's rest on the bench.

04/21/2009 | Jess&Sheri
hoping the winds change so you can make that crossing, but sounds like you guys are taking in the sights and sounds right where your at, spoke with ed & trudy, sounds like they wish they could meet up with you at the east end of your trip. hang in there, were hoping only the best for you.
04/21/2009 | Barb
Check out DamSal if you make it to Ft. Pierce. Still waiting for labor pains!
04/22/2009 | Ed & Trude
Hi Guys, Can you say East, East, East, East, oh that's right it's the wind not the direction you want to go. Sorry about that. Hope you get good winds soon !!

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