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Adventures of Two Sheets
35' Chartercat Wildcat Catamaran
Wildcat 35' Photos!

Got the pictures this morning of Two Sheets to the Wind, the listing that Mike & Brian of the Catamaran Company told us about. Two Sheets had everything we wanted! And the reviews of her sailing capabilities are awesome. So, we made an offer on her contingent on viewing, survey and sea trial.

Two days later our offer was accepted! Looks like we might have a boat! Now it's preparing for the survey and sea trial!

Heading home to Virginia

After our meeting with Mike & Brian at the Catamaran Company, we were hopeful that they would find us a catamaran. When we arrived at the airport, we got a call from Mike & Brian letting us know there was a Wildcat 35' coming on the market shortly. Our interest was piqued - we both like the layout and sailing capability of the Wildcat . . . Mike said they'd send us photos in the next couple of days.

Search continues - in Florida!

Well, it appears that we've exhausted our search in the local area, so we are off to Florida for a week of boat searching! Ft. Lauderdale, here we come! Over the course of the week, we drove the entire east coast of Florida, all the way up to Brunswick, GA looking at boats. Out of the eight boats we looked at only two were serious contenders - a 34' Seawind and a 37' TPI Lagoon. After a lot of conversation and consideration, we weren't sold on either vessel. So, we headed back to Ft. Lauderdale. Upon our arrival back in Ft. Lauderdale we decided to check out former charter catamarans. No luck there either! But as we were leaving the charter company, we got a phone call from Mike at the Catamaran Company in Ft. Lauderdale. So, we asked if they could meet with us, and off we headed to their offices. They were wonderful - they listened to our needs, and our wants and felt like they could help us find a boat! Finally, we were on the right path!

Boat is located!

We located a used Gemini catamaran in Maryland, so we headed up to see her - in double digit (18 degrees) weather. When we arrived at the marina there were snow flurries as we boared "Habby Cat", which was stored up on the hard. We like her, even though she was not as spacious as we had hoped for. We made an offer on "Habby Cat" and it was accepted. So, we moved forward with survey scheduled for th enext week. During the survey there were several suprise "issues" that had not been disclosed so we declined to move ahead with purchase of "Habby Cat". Ah! The search continues!

Searching for a boat

After spending Chrismas week in the Bahamas, we came home with a plan to begin searchin for an entry level catamaran that will allow us to cruise not only in the Chesapeake Bay and it's surrounding areas, but also throughout the Bahamas and over to Bermuda. The search is on!

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