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The Journey Continues

Here's also a pretty rainbow and some local fishermen at Snug Harbor.

12/09/2011, Snug Harbor, Panama

We found this lovely and quiet anchorage called Snug Harbor. Bryan planned to go into the water and clean the bottom of the boat the next day, however, we had an unexpected visitor. Lil, our cat, was sitting up very alert (for a change) in the cockpit just staring at the water. To our surprise there were these eyes just sitting there above the waterline next to our boat watching Lil right back. Yikes!!! Once Bryan and I were both up in the cockpit checking it out, he slowly turned and glided away. It was about 7' long and we're not sure if it was a caiman or a salt water croc, but he was definitely contemplating Lil for breakfast. Needless to say, Bryan changed his mind about cleaning the bottom of the boat.

01/03/2012 | Kristel
Yikes is right. Keep your eyes open Lil
Off to the San Blas Again
12/09/2011, Isla Pinos, Panama

With out passports stamped in and out of Colombia, we headed back to Panama and some relaxing in the San Blas (Kuna Yala) islands. Our first stop was back at Isla Pinos.

Horses and Carts
12/04/2011, Sapzurro, Colombia

We made it just over the border and into Colombia near the small village of Sapzurro and anchored. The next day we took an exciting water taxi about 2 miles through rough seas along a jagged and fierce-looking shoreline to the small town of Capurgana. This is where the immigration office is and where we needed to check into the country one day and out of the country the next. The town was actually one of the nicest we've been in. Everything in Colombia is kept so much cleaner and well-maintained. Although this village is on the mainland, you can only get there by boat or small plane (very small landing field). Therefore, the small dirt and rock streets are filled with people walking, a few horses, and many horse or donkey-drawn carts. Its just so cute. The people were exceptionally friendly and helpful. We really liked hanging out there. If the anchorage weren't so roll-y and the taxi ride so rough (and expensive), I could hang out here.

"Tupak" or 'Whale'
12/03/2011, Isla Pinos, Panama

Isla Pinos is called "Tupak" by the Kuna indians, which means "whale". When you first see this large island in the distance it does look just like a huge whale is sleeping there ahead. Of course, our photo is up close and personal after anchoring.

12/02/2011, Ailigandi, Panama

Our next night was spent off of the island of Ailigandi. Our charts were way off and we had trouble staying off the reefs but finally settled in. The Bauhaus 'Panama Cruising Guide' has an interesting tidbit about the island. "Ailigandi is also where Johnny Golf, an aircraft pilot that worked for Al Capone, was hiding out in his senior years." Hmmm?

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