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The Journey Continues

New Year's Surprise Visitor
01/01/2012, Portobelo, Panama

After having a nice steak dinner at Captain Jack's bar/hostel then listening to karaoke at Morgan's Cave tavern for new year's eve, Bryan woke me early (7 a.m.) this morning whispering, "Come and look at the dinghy,.... quick." What a surprise. It wasn't actually in the dinghy but asleep and hanging on the lifeline was a SLOTH. ... Not just the calm, easy-going 3-toed sloth. No, sir-eeee. This was the 2-toed sloth that our friend, Jan, had educated us about before we left the States. This little rascal hissed and snapped his mouth in slow-motion threatening us with his canines as we tried to get a blanket around him. It took about an hour but we finally got him all tangled up in the big fishing net, wrapped the blanket around him so his claws wouldn't get us, lowered him to the dinghy, and took him to shore. Remember, we're about 1/4 mile from shore so he had to have swum to our boat and climbed our anchor chain, therefore, he wasn't happy that we were taking him back. We found a piece of bamboo on the shoreline that he grabbed hold of and Bryan hauled him over and transferred him to the nearest tree. He was pretty cute, but his hiss was kind of scary.

01/03/2012 | Kristel
Hey!! This looks like me trying to get on our boat during our New Year's Eve party.
Back to the clinic
12/16/2011, Portobelo, Panama

With a one day weather window, we raced back to Portobelo. We outran or ducked around the rain squalls until the last 4 miles, but it wasn't too bad. I had to wait til Monday to get into the clinic, but my ear was actually feeling a little better. Anyway, it was a 2 hour wait at the clinic, because there were 9 people ahead of me when I arrived. The doctor's consultation cost $.50. He prescribed ear drops and 7 days of antibiotic pills which cost $4.68. Sure enough, I was all better in 7 days for a grand total of $5.18. The cost of medical services here still amazes me.

Island Hopping
12/13/2011, Green Island, San Blas, Panama

Other than Bryan cleaning the bottom of the boat (sin caimans), this was a peaceful and uneventful, uninhabited island stop. I'd had a sinus headache for a couple days that moved to an ear infection, so we decided to cut our San Blas cruising short and book it back to Portobelo.


Here's also a pretty rainbow and some local fishermen at Snug Harbor.

12/09/2011, Snug Harbor, Panama

We found this lovely and quiet anchorage called Snug Harbor. Bryan planned to go into the water and clean the bottom of the boat the next day, however, we had an unexpected visitor. Lil, our cat, was sitting up very alert (for a change) in the cockpit just staring at the water. To our surprise there were these eyes just sitting there above the waterline next to our boat watching Lil right back. Yikes!!! Once Bryan and I were both up in the cockpit checking it out, he slowly turned and glided away. It was about 7' long and we're not sure if it was a caiman or a salt water croc, but he was definitely contemplating Lil for breakfast. Needless to say, Bryan changed his mind about cleaning the bottom of the boat.

01/03/2012 | Kristel
Yikes is right. Keep your eyes open Lil

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