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The Journey Continues
Neptune Memorial Reef
06/05/2012, 3.2 miles east of Key Biscayne

OK, here's something a little different and interesting that I heard about from a fellow cruiser (David). The website is:

I'm going to insert their text because it explains this better than I could.

"The Neptune Memorial Reef has become a reality off the coast of Miami, Florida, just 3.2 miles east of Key Biscayne. In its final state, the re-creation of the legendary Lost City, will be the largest man-made reef in the world, using 10,000 cubic yards of cement and covering over 600,000 square feet of ocean floor.
With the help of time and nature, this underwater memorial city become a living reef of colorful marine life, coral growth and fish habitat holding secure the remembrances of your own wishes or the dearly departed for all time. You or your family will be able to commemorate loved ones be they living or departed, celebrate occasions or pay your tributes that will be secure in the one of a kind structure that is the Neptune Memorial Reef.
The reef will be a benefit to the local marine ecology. Over the years, living coral will thrive and a whole new ecosystem will evolve.
Neptune Society"

Our friend decided this is a perfect alternative to the urn on the mantel for him. Loved ones learn to dive and can visit the reef memorial. Watch the video, its really cool. Let me know what you think.

Happy Anniversary
06/01/2012, Bocas del Toro, Panama

I can't believe that yesterday was our 38th wedding anniversary when I know we are only about 40-something........ Riiiiiiiight!

Anyway, we had a fun time at happy hour with friends at the Calypso Cantina then went over to the Rip Tide boat/restaurant/bar for dinner. We're such party animals these days that we were back on 'uhane around 8:30.

06/03/2012 | Anne and Chris
Happy anniversary!

Anne and Chris
s/v Mr Mac
06/04/2012 | Kristel
Da.n Bryan, you robbed the cradle. Happy Anniversary guys. You guys look great. Love ya
Anywhere... art
05/20/2012, Bocas del Toro, Panama

05/24/2012 | Charlie Ault
Looks great Debbie! Hey! I thought you guys were coming ashore??? Have fun.
05/24/2012 | Lynn
Love the chair covers! I had to resort to old T shirts to cover our very worn out ones. I may have to try my hand at painting some, although, it might be a very abstract, splotchy attempt.

Our cockpit chairs were getting pretty yucky so I found some fabric locally and recovered them. Remember ... this is not the US. We're anchored off an island off the coast of Panama. There is one almacen (general store) with about 30 pieces of odd fabric. They have a couple dark victorian floral brocade type choices or a lot of very thin, flimsy small floral prints AND one off-white canvas fabric. SO, I went with the canvas but then they looked fairly plain and boring. SO, being me, I decided to paint them. I like them. :)

05/20/2012 | Carolyn
I like them too, oil or acrylic?
05/21/2012 | Kristel
What a great idea! They are beautiful...but everything you do turns out beautiful. I'm not surprised. Come back to the States and sell these babies. I know a good agent :) AND Bryan the V-berth is awesome. A lot of hard work but it paid off. Love you guys
05/21/2012 | Bryan & Debbie Pridgeon
Thanks, y'all. Acrylics.... :)
Man at Work
05/01/2012, Bocas del Toro, Panama

Just wanted to show everyone what Bryan did while I was in the US. Although I've been working on stripping and re-varnishing the teak for months and months in the main salon, Bryan did the entire v-berth while I was away. It really helped that I was gone because everything that is usually stored there was covering the salon and half of our aft berth during this process. Our cabin teak used to be varnished a very dark brown and everything was 'dungeon-y'. Now its light, pretty, and home-y. AND, I didn't have to do it. Yippee! He's a keeper,.... that's for sure.

Sin Frontera
04/30/2012, Bocas del Toro, Panama

This blog is for an old co-worker and friend, Sam Frontera. Sam was my surfer-dude nice-guy friend back when I was in the working world. Every time I see this water taxi go by 'uhane I think of Sam because I couldn't quite see the name of the boat the first time it flew past. Instead of Sin Frontera (without border), I thought it said Sam Frontera and almost fell overboard trying to read it. Anyway, this blog is for Sam and all the other techs at Aegon.

05/19/2012 | Keith Evans
at least it didn't say "no show"!
05/20/2012 | Bryan & Debbie Pridgeon
OH MY GOSH! I'd forgotten about 'No show Sam'. Thanks for the memory. :)

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