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The Journey Continues
Uhane's Photos - Main
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Created 10 September 2009
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Created 2 September 2009
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Created 1 September 2009
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Created 11 June 2009
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Created 4 June 2009
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Created 4 June 2009
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Created 24 April 2009
Beautiful Island Mexican National Park
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Created 25 March 2009
Sparkes - Cooper Family Photos February 2009
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Created 22 March 2009
The first step in our Adventure!
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Created 7 January 2009
A unique place to visit
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Created 7 January 2009
I only have the one photo of the cake but its a great one. Denise and friends gave me a great pizza party at the studio with some really cool 'surprise' gifts. :)
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Created 10 October 2008
Kristel along with some of our other wonderful friends gave us a really cool going away party. Everyone had to wear green to show that they were 'green with envy' regarding our pending departure. Those that fails to comply with party rules got their noses and faces painted with glittery green paint by the GDB. :)
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Created 10 October 2008
There was quite a mix of US Fish & Wildlife, USGS, Audobon, Tampa Bay Estuary Program, National Marine Fisheries, and then the mix of St. Pete Municipal friends, Augustine Ludovico Studio friends, and those special folks that we love.
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Created 10 October 2008
People, places and things that have made us smile.
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Created 29 September 2008
Friends, and their boats, that helped us through the years of preparing to cruise.
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Created 29 September 2008
Our Dream Come True
Who: Bryan and Debbie Pridgeon - Lil McGill
Port: St. Petersburg, Florida
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