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A Reel Life Conversation

12 February 2010 | Bequia
While I await my daughter Alexa's arrival, which is a story in it's self, I have a few days to relax, clean up the boat a little and work at my new hobby.
Here is a snippet of a conversation I had with Beckie this morning.

(Ron, you gonna love this)
alan says:
remember last night while we were talking
I said I had a fish on the line?
a small blue one
must have been 6-7 inches
well I forgot about it after we logged off
I read for a while and fell asleep
well, all of a sudden
I woke up with a start
to hear the reel going
now remember there was already a fish on the line
not just a morsel of bait
I scrambled out of bed
struggled to find my glasses
and then it was over
I climbed up into the cockpit
and the pole was still there
cause it was tied to the boat
but there was no line left in the reel
Rebecca says:
did it break
alan says:
the pole was hanging off the boat
Rebecca says:
I wonder if a boat took it
alan says:
I tied it pretty good
Rebecca says:
or a fish
alan says:
at 3 in the morning?
the line was hanging off the side
had to be a fish... a big fish
to eat the fish that was already on the line
Rebecca says:
too bad you missed it
alan says:
thats what I am thinking
Rebecca says:
that would have been cool
alan says:
now, how to write that in the blog
Rebecca says:
just like you did
with the errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
alan says:
i could hardly fall asleep after that
Rebecca says:
alan says:
my heart was pounding so
I am not that bad yet
Rebecca says:
I don't know
alan says:
but it was exciting
Rebecca says:
you get pretty excited
about fish these days
alan says:
i think I''ll just copy this whole conversation and put it in the blog
end of conversation

So, somewhere around here is a fish of undetermined size, dragging around a brand new sinker, two new hooks and about 500 feet of 80 lb test line.........
Note to self: tie the line better around the reel if your not gonna be there to attend to it in the middle of the night!
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