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It's in!!!
08/30/2009, Oak Park Marina

It's in.. finally. With the help of Jim V. and Rick B. We lowered the generator onto the engine bed I glassed in last week. It's now sitting in the aft lazerette waiting for me to connect all the rest of the parts. I have the parts but doubt I will have the time to finish it before I leave. I'll work on it on the way.
When it's completed it will be a 70 amp generator for my house batteries AND a 20GPH water maker (so I don't have to schelp water all the time)
I was actually surprised it fit.....

OMG What have I done
08/27/2009, Sitting at the kitchen counter

The boat needs to be in Oswego Monday the 14th for an early departure though the 1st lock of the Oswego River on Tuesday morning. I don't know if I'll be ready. I don't know if the boat will be ready. I don't know a lot of things right now.
A fellow 424 owner who I met when he was in London on their 2nd or 3rd cruise and who is now preparing to leave for the Pacific, wrote me the other day. In his letter of encouragement he had these words to say,
"As for the trepidation and general anxiety of 'Oh my gawd, what have I done?!' and leaping off the end of the figurative pier into unknown depths, I've found that becomes less and less the case. I noticed in this last 'leap', we couldn't wait to get away, didn't worry about extended sea trials, and were comfortable doing some short offshore legs right away. So my response is you can expect the butterflies to begin dissipating, perhaps this even being apparent when prepping to depart St. Georges vs. how you felt when prepping to depart Norfolk.

The voices in my head are at a fever pitch as I look at the calendar and realize I only have about 2 weeks left before I leave. I need another month at least......

08/27/2009 | Karin Beachner
What a great adventure Alan.
We will be with you all the way in spirit and well wishes.
Thanks for letting us stay connected:)
South of Main Duck

Sent via SSB from South of Main Duck Island. Motoring on way from the Kingston Ont. to Sodus Bay UNABATED

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