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Well... I won't starve
09/01/2009, WalMart Parking lot

We left the Walmart parking this morning with a Jeep full of dry goods and canned food, snacks and paper products, one cup meals and condiments. Enough to feed 11 different people over 3 months going more than 2000 miles. I either bought all the wrong stuff or not enough of anything.
We still have to do the fresh food, frozen foods and liquids (of course including wine, beer and rum) OH and water.
I also have to find someplace to put it all....Time will tell. But I know we're not going to starve.

09/02/2009 | Barb
That looks lke a good start!! I noticed your drink priorities were in order except I'm surprised the rum wasn't first. LOL
Have a wonderful trip. May fair winds and calm seas be yours every leg of your trip.

I fit in here too!!

08/30/2009 | Capt Paul
Hell, I could probably turn that into a workout room.
Thanks for the batteries. Still don't know where to put them. I'll post your blog on mine, so all kinds of strange people can leave comments :)
08/30/2009 | Sue & Bob
Great job with the blog. We'll look forward to following your journey. Have fun in the have great lock slaves!!
08/31/2009 | Capt Ron
Man...doesn't seem that long ago you were in that same position mounting the the rain...right after Unabated arrived at Oak park. Looks like its still raining!
It's in!!!
08/30/2009, Oak Park Marina

It's in.. finally. With the help of Jim V. and Rick B. We lowered the generator onto the engine bed I glassed in last week. It's now sitting in the aft lazerette waiting for me to connect all the rest of the parts. I have the parts but doubt I will have the time to finish it before I leave. I'll work on it on the way.
When it's completed it will be a 70 amp generator for my house batteries AND a 20GPH water maker (so I don't have to schelp water all the time)
I was actually surprised it fit.....

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