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Busy Busy Busy & SPOT Link
09/09/2009, Sill in Sodus

The boat is back in the water and is almost ready to go. We'll probably leave early Saturday morning.
Everyone asked me for the Spot Address, so here it is.
Just click on this link and it should take you my SPOT shared page.
Once there - add it to your favorites..... so you don't forget me.

Your text to link...
I'll be turning it on when we leave. If you can't get it work ,let me know and I'll tutor you on how to use your computer......
You can also click on the position link on the right side of this page. It will bring up GOOGLE Earth. It Probably won't be updated as often though.

and so it starts
09/08/2009, Sodus Bay Haul out slip

They say the art of crusing had more to do with fixing your boat, than actually sailing it...... and so it starts.
After an exhaustive but fun weekend it started...... The shower sump, which except for a few blonde hair balls, and which has worked flawlessly for the last six years decided last night to stop working. I'll have to work on that later.
This morning we pulled over to the hauling slip to remove the masts. THAT went very well thanks to the great work by Mike Dwyer. The masts are safely stored on deck.
The other chore today was to get the bottom inspected to finish the survey. Well, the wrestling match I had with that rock at Mulcaster, in which I had won, or thought had turns out the rock won. When the boat came out of the water there was a big chuck of fibreglass missing from the aft end of the keel.
I spent the rest of the day going though 4 containers of MarineTex and several layers of glass to repair it. As of Tuesday evening the boat is still in the slings curing with the help of a heat lamp. I had things to do in town tonight including the foot rub I missed last night.
More to come when I get a chance about the party Saturday night and the sing-along on Sunday.

09/09/2009 | Captain Paul
Holy Crap! Glad I skipped those islands. Hope the repairs went well. We'll be coming down thursday eve, let us know if you need anything.
Paul and Deb
Canal Daze
09/07/2009, Lock 23 on the Erie Canal

We picked up Edward and Susan in Rochester and drove out to Oswego. Loaded up the boat with the last the food and supplies. After an almost good nights sleep (must be a million things to worry about before a trip like this) we said our good byes to Beckie and headed for the first lock. This was my first time bringing my own boat through a lock, Way different than the Sam Patch. First of all it mine and it's not a steel boat. We did well... no mishaps. We headed down to lock 7 & 6 which is only less than a mile away where we found out there construction on lock 5. We had to hold up until they called us. It wasn't until after 12 that they finally let us go. Long story short - we got to lock 23 at 6PM....... 21 miles in 11 hours. Not bad for the first day.

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