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09/28/2009, Moving on down the Husdon

We spent a peaceful afternoon and evening anchored between two mooring fields just north of the Tappen Zee Bridge. The trip down from Newburgh was either drizzle or fog or sometimes both. Interesting sights as we went past West Point and Sing Sing prison. Lots of big fancy homes along here. Someone has money (or had).

We are starting to understand the effects of the tidal currents in the river. I kept looking at the chart plotter all evening at 1/32 of a NM resolution trying to figure out if here were dragging or just being moved about as the current changed. I'll get used to it. A lot different from Thortons.

We're now motoring south towards NYC hoping to get a mooring ball at the 79th Street Boat Basin so we can go explore the city.

Written via SSB.

Catskill to Newburgh
09/26/2009, Newburgh ny

After a weeks stay in Hop-O-Nose Marina in Catskill, we finally left! The last 3 days internet service was spotty and I was having the shakes.
Beckie arrived last nite and after a long hello we did some shopping in town (she had a car).
Hey, it's been almost two weeks.
Got a late start this morning due to being fogged in and a long wait to get to the fuel dock..... I know, I had a week to fuel up.
A South wind 10 to 15 kept us motoring all day. Doing 7.8 knots until the tide turned..... as cocktail time was getting close and the speed dropped to 5.8 we'd pulled into a dock for the evening in Newburgh. Supposed to get crappy later and why be uncomfortable.
The plan, is to have a short day tomorrow, maybe anchor near the Tappen Zee bridge so we can get into NYC early on Monday.
We have the full canvass up due to the cold and wind. The smell wafting up from the galley is making me drool. Ive been doing my own cooking all week and having Beckie aboard is a treat in more ways than one.
Time for a refill. I'll keep you posted
alan & Beckie

09/26/2009 | Barb V
I think you should hog tie Beckie and keep her with you. This is great for both of you. Enjoy every second (I know that wasn't necessary to say). LOL
Put together and cleaned
09/22/2009, Catskill

Every place you read about stepping and un stepping masts, everyone says Hop-O-Nose on Catskill Creek. When you turn the corner and see the crane in the middle of a bunch of trees, you say *****Are they kidding???. But you have to see it to believe it. These guys are good....Makes Ed and Todd look like a bunch of kids. They do about 250 boats a year going up and down the Hudson. A lot of big boats A lot of complicated rigging. And I have to tell you, they treat everyone with respect and like they want you here, no matter how screwed up your boat is. mmmmm what a concept.

09/23/2009 | Paul
Glad to hear things went back together ok. They going to save Mike's Ghetto Woodworking for you for next year?
09/23/2009 | Captn Ron
I remember thinking the same thing when we had the boat handled at Cracker Boy's in Ft. Pierce. There is a difference. Of course you had to hire your own rigger (Mack Sails) and your own crane. Glad to here you're not a power boat anymore!!!

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