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It's easy... down the Jersey coast -turn right at Cape May
10/05/2009, Up Delaware Bay

We left the 79th Boat Basin in New york at 10:05 Sunday morning with Don K. and Edward T. aboard. A bright sunny day with the promise of a NW to West wind 10 to 15 kts. We left at the right time to get a favorable current down the Hudson River. About the only thing that happened as planned was the favorable current. We we're motoring along at better than 8.5 kts enough with the South wind, way past Sandy Hook NJ. Although, as we past under the Varrazono Bridge the fog rolled in. Pea soup thick fog. Right as we entered the main shipping channel, the engine just turned off. At about the same time a very larger tanker past close enough to be able to read the small print on his bow. While I was trying to figure out what happened, Don and Edward put up some sail to get us out of the shipping channel. Turns out the ignition switch failed and stopped the engine. With that repaired we once again were motoring. We motored against a South wind ALL day until night fall when the wind finally turned west. We were able to sail until dawn with a reefed main and reefed Jib as the winds were between 18 - 22 knts all night. We spend the night dodging ships, fishing boats, other sailboats, tugs towing, tugs pushing..... Finally rounded Cape May around 8:30 AM. It took awhile to make the turn North as there were large breaking seas. It was more like Lake Ontario except for the salt. We're now motoring again a Strong north wind and an unfavorable tide...... Oh well..... Note to self: Make sure galley cupboards are secured before getting underway or tacking in a seaway, It will save on the dish expenses. Also note to self: Big difference in rain or hose water to check for leaking boat than green ocean water.....mmmmmm?

alan and crew


Beckie in the Big Apple

09/29/2009 | Mom
if you can try to get to Lincoln Center, where the Met Opera House, Carnige Hall & Etc
10/03/2009 | Paul B
You carrying spare sails? Just curious. I often wonder if cruisers carry a spare main and genny.
I was just thinking about where the hell I would store them.
No spot signal?
The Big Apple and MNF
09/29/2009, 79th Street Boat Basin

Uneventful trip on the last leg to NYC. Lots of boat traffic. AIS alarm going off every few minutes. I "let" Beckie do all the driving to dodge them all. She's pretty darn good at it.
We're tied up at the 79th Street boat basin, just a few blocks from Central park. We took the train downtown and visited Times Square and 30 Rock. Some things you can only see in NYC.... Although Beckie refused to have her picture taken with the Naked Cowboy who was play his guitar in the middle of Times Square. Not sure why!
Visited the WTC site. Very moving, very somber to see some of the buildings and streets you saw in all the news accounts.
And of course, if you were at the farewell bash at OPM, you'd remember that it was Monday last night....... offshore crews beware.
Off to do laundry and continue our touristy thing.
alan and beckie

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