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Ringside Seat
10/13/2009, Still in Annapolis

The last of the company left on Sunday Morning. Jamie (the captian I sailed to St Martin with last year) stayed over Sat. night along with Paul and Joanne (from Ottawa - more offshore crew). Don and Deb stopped by with their Annapolis friends (they brought brunch). So all in all it was "busy" here. But, now I've been alone since Sunday. Working on the boat again. I am trying to get things ready for the offshore trip.
Yesterday I got the generator running. It's not hooked up to anything yet, but it starts and it has cooling water to it.
The Sailboat show broke up yesterday. If you've never seen that, it's worth the trip to stay on Monday to see it. Within an hour, everyone was gone. Cannons and a "Gentleman - start your engines" signals the start of the exodus.
Of course I have a ring side seat here, so everyone had to past within 50 feet of me on the way out.
Two hours later all the powerboats started in. Their show does not appear to be as big as the sailboat show.
Martin (another of the offshore crew) comes tomorrow to check out the boat. We've never met, but we both come with strong recommendations.
I have two weeks before I have to be in Norfolk to meet Beckie, so there is no hurry to leave here. I am doing that part by myself. It's about a 120 nm from here. I am looking forward to it.
Of course not having a car is a challenge.
I miss my Beckie ...and Oh BTW... I missed MNF, that's two weeks in a row.

10/14/2009 | mom
10/15/2009 | your daughter
Hi Daddy!! This is a cool blog....keep it coming. Have you started reading any of those books?
Would you like salt with that?
10/07/2009, Annapolis

I've only been in salt water a few days and the boat is encrusted with salt. Everywhere I look, everything I touch, has a film of crusted salt on it. I feel like a power boater walking around with a rag in my hand. UNABATED will never look the same. I am actually looking forward to a heavy downpour so I can get out there and scrub the boat.
Would you like salt with that?

10/07/2009 | Phil Dery
I just heard from Jim VanValkenbergh that you finally made the big trip and are moving Southeast later on. I'll be in Annapolis for the show so maybe we'll hoist one. Old Pecheur is still chugging along. Can't wait to smell the salt again myself being from Boston. Al Cummins lives in Williamsburg and sails a 34 Sabre in the Chessy. Best of Luck. Phil
10/08/2009 | Ellen Gauthier
There was heavy wind through PA all day on the 8th which had me thinking about you and the boat. I'm enjoying following your progress. We're so happy you have this chance for adventure!
10/08/2009 | Captn Ron
Concerning your observation of the wonders of salt water...wait until you start adding subtropical sunshine! I've often said, Illuminata went to Florida looking like a piece of furniture and came back looking like a piece of...
A Sailing Town - Annapolis
10/07/2009, Spa Creek

Arrived in Annapolis mid afternoon after dodging crap pots all day. It's like a mine field out there. I was quite concerned about finding a place to stay. It's packed with sailboats here. All over the place. No moorings, no slips (too expensive anyhow). Spa Creek full, Back Creek full, so we took a chance that the harbormaster would not move us and dropped the hook right at the entrance to Spa Creek, right near bouy "1SC" So far so good. As a matter of fact, I found out later that we show up on the web cam for the Annapolis YC . Thanks to Bob Hogeman for finding us there.
Web Cam Link

A little rolly here and a little exposed to the South, right off the Naval Academy. We'll see how it goes. We can see the show from here. A lot of boat traffic. Sort of a ring side seat if you will.
We had the water taxi pick us up so we could have dinner ashore. Anyplace that we could eat without having to hold our plates while we ate. We met friends of Don for Dinner. Edward is off, back to Denver.
I will spend the next few days licking my wounds from the previous 3 days and meet some other 424 owners.
Pictures soon

10/08/2009 | Adam
Sounds like you are well on your way. I hope all is well. Sounds like things are going well. Can't wait to see pictures. Stacie and I are back from our quick trip to Maryland and back at work Ugh. Talk to you soon.

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