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..and down the Bay
10/19/2009, Mill Creek Solomons Is. Md

I left Annapolis this morning and started my journey to Norfolk. I slipped the mooring at 0755. It looked like a long parade of boats leaving at the same time. Everyone must have been waiting out the weather also. I motored the first couple of hours as my batteries sorely needed charging. The wind was a light 10-12 knts but mostly from behind me (north) I rolled out the Genoa and motor sailed for the rest of the day.
This is the longest solo sail I've made. Kinda scarey at first as this is not my back yard anymore. Although it was Kinda neat as the afternoon rolled on and I got used to it. There are enough things to keep me occupied.
It was nice to feel the sun again and get the boat dried out some.
I am now anchored in Mill Creek near Solomon Is. Md. It's off the Patuxent River AND I'm thinking pretty darn close to the Naval Air Station. The planes fly by now and then, low, fast and LOUD.
Nice little spot, must be 2 dozen boats anchored here all on their way
Early start tomorrow, it's 50 some odd miles to Deltaville, my next stop.
I heard the BILLS won a game in overtime.. cool!

Enough is Enough or Cabin Fever
10/18/2009, Annapolis

When I wrote my last entry I had mentioned that I took a mooring for a few days in anticipation of some bad weather. Well, it started Wednesday and rained until this morning. Not just a light rain but heavy downpours, windswept rain, cold windy rain. Last night I finally relented and turned on the propane heater I had buried deep in the bowels of UNABATED thinking I'd never have to see it again. It felt nice to finally warm up a little.
I was starting to get cabin fever.
So while I had this downtime, I had my SSB checked out. Something that is difficult to do in Rochester. Seems I needed to new tuner. Over nighted one from FLA and it works like a charm now. The harbor master will sign for your packages and call you when they arrive. A real harbor master....

Today I made a bus excursion to the mall to replace the coffee pot I destroyed this morning. I also stopped at the super market to buy some fresh lettuce. If you want to know what a city is really like. Take a bus somewhere. Find the bus stops. Figure out the schedules. Wait in the cold rain. Figure out where to get off. Figure out where to get back on. Wait in the pouring rain some more. Walk to the water taxi stand. Wait in the rain some more for the water taxi. When I got back to the boat. I couldn't wait to climb back into my sleeping bag.
Things are much better now, the wind is still and I can see out of the dodger.
I have the boat packed up and ready for tomorrow. I will be leaving Annapolis for Solomans tomorrow. It's about 40 miles down the bay from here. I need to be in Norfolk by Thursday and it's 120 miles away. The forcast for the rest of the week is supposed to be nice. We'll see.
For those of you listening at home. I'll turn the SPOT back on in the morning. Stay tuned

10/21/2009 | Karin Beachner
I am chilled just reading about the shopping trip. I understand you must be lonely but when trapped inside a boat with days of cold rain at least there is no one to get cranky with. See there's a bright side to everything!
Still too far north
10/15/2009, Rain soaked Annapolis

If I have to wear socks, I am too far north.
Yesterday Martin stopped by to check out the boat (and me) as we've never met. By way of initiation I had him help me pick up the anchor and we went over to the fuel dock to top off the tank (53 gallons) and get some water.
We got along just fine and I believe he will be great crew for our offshore passage to Bermuda.
Instead of going back out and anchor, I got a mooring for a days thinking that the weather was supposed to suck for the weekend. I am moored right off the boat show. For those of you watching at home on live feed - I am in the middle on the left hand side of your screen.
Well, let me tell you, it started getting cold last night, the wind came up and it started raining and has not let up all day. I have WOOL socks and my arctic clothes on....Glad I took the mooring.
Too bad for the PB show. Not a lot of movement over there.
Bob and Sue H. - All the big ocean trawlers are here.... NICE!

I guess if I want to get these socks off, I'll have to keep moving south.

10/15/2009 | Captn Ron
Looks like low 80's in Bermuda. Little chilly.

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