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Gets kinda loud here
10/21/2009, Willoughby Bay, Norfolk Va.

I decided to anchor out another night rather than taking a slip at the marina. Willoughby Bay looked good on the chart and had rave reviews in the cruising guides. The two aircraft carriers I saw on the way in didn't bother me. Actually they looked kind of neat. The rows of buildings along the southern edge of the bay looked like warehouses. It was not until I had the anchor firmly set that I realized that I am next to the Naval Airbase at Norfolk. Turns out, the buildings are hangers for the helicopter fleet. Helicopters taking off and landing ALL the time. Some just hovering. Some just sitting there with the engines running. I guess that don't have an idling law like NYC. How did I miss that on the way in? I am also apparently on the runway approach for those planes with the big radar domes on top. I can just about see their faces as they pass by. I just the music up louder. Does the Navy stop when it gets dark? Tomorrow I'll move over to the marina and get ready for Beckie's arrival. Looks like a good day to shower and change the sheets on the bunk. (I've changed them couple times since I left.. really). I've been on the boat 5 weeks now and for the last two and a half I have either been anchored out or on a mooring. Actually being on the hook is a lot quieter than being at a dock.

It was a nice trip down the Bay. Maybe on the way back we'll have time to explore it a little more.

Oh, anyone know what it means when they blow the bugle on a navy base and it sounds like the Kentucky Derby? Next time watch out for who your neighbors are! Sent vis SSB radio

10/22/2009 | Stacie
Hi Dad!
The bugle is called First Call. "Also known as Assembly of the Buglers, was used to wake the buglers and troops and was the first call of the day. First Call is also played to call riders to the starting gate of many horse races including the Kentucky Derby."
10/22/2009 | Stacie
it's a slow night at work.
10/22/2009 | Mom
Rob at West Marine says hello and wishes you lots of luck. Dad went to buy anti-frezze for the cottage
Fisherman Cove
10/21/2009, Chesepeake Bay

I left Mill Creek early Tuesday morning. There was another parade of boats leaving at dawn just like yesterday. One by one everyone got their anchors up and headed out. If we leave early, we can catch the fair current running south and add about 1 1/2 knots to our speed before it switches around in the early afternoon. I'm getting hang of it.
Kind of a chilly start but warmed up by 10. The dodger kept fogging up (no defrosters) and I was headed right into the sun as I was trying to pick my way around the bouys at the entrance to Mill Creek and the crab potsat the same time. I had to keep running on deck to wipe off the glass so I could see.
No wind to speak of, so it was another motoring day.
I ended up in Fisherman Cove near Deltavile Va. I was in Deltaville in June when we brought Edwards boat up from Nassau. I thought I'd try someplace new. This is a nice large cove. There are about 6 boats in here spaced very far apart. Not like last night. Quiet and peaceful after listening to the red beast for 2 days in a row.
I'll be in Norfolk by this afternoon. Another 40 mile day. Supposed to be light winds again. If I can't find a place to anchor I'll get a dock at the Bay Point Marina in Little Creek and start getting the boat spruced up for Beckie.
Beckie arrives Friday morning. Among other things she all the frozen foods she's been cooking for the offshore passages. Been awhile... can't wait

10/21/2009 | Beckie
So romantic - she's brining the frozen food!
10/21/2009 | Beckie
Woops - that's bringing not brining the food - although you could brine the food.
..and down the Bay
10/19/2009, Mill Creek Solomons Is. Md

I left Annapolis this morning and started my journey to Norfolk. I slipped the mooring at 0755. It looked like a long parade of boats leaving at the same time. Everyone must have been waiting out the weather also. I motored the first couple of hours as my batteries sorely needed charging. The wind was a light 10-12 knts but mostly from behind me (north) I rolled out the Genoa and motor sailed for the rest of the day.
This is the longest solo sail I've made. Kinda scarey at first as this is not my back yard anymore. Although it was Kinda neat as the afternoon rolled on and I got used to it. There are enough things to keep me occupied.
It was nice to feel the sun again and get the boat dried out some.
I am now anchored in Mill Creek near Solomon Is. Md. It's off the Patuxent River AND I'm thinking pretty darn close to the Naval Air Station. The planes fly by now and then, low, fast and LOUD.
Nice little spot, must be 2 dozen boats anchored here all on their way
Early start tomorrow, it's 50 some odd miles to Deltaville, my next stop.
I heard the BILLS won a game in overtime.. cool!

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