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Geez, it's just a lighthouse
10/24/2009, Fort Story, VA

Beckie arrived at 8:30 Friday morning after driving all night. Lucky she had her new friend "Lee", her new GPS buddy, to keep her company. After Beckie got settled in we took a drive though Norfolk and then to Virginia Beach. On the way back we saw a sign for the Cape Henry Lighthouse. So we decided to take a look.
As we turned onto the road there was a guarded road block.
"The reason for your visit ?"
"Please open your hood and trunk."
"Please open your center console and glove box ."
"Please step out of the car."
"Please open all car doors."
"All of them please."
"Stand away from the car."
"No, stand over here please!"
"Any guns, drugs?"
"The reason for your visit?"
"We just want to see the light house."
"ID please."
Well, after he check the underside of the car for oil leaks with a large mirror, we were allowed to proceed
It seems the Cape Henry Lighthouse is in the middle of the Fort Story Navy base (was Army, the navy has it now).
191 steps up and you got a pretty good view of the approach to the Chesapeake Bay entrance and the whole Navy base.
Geez and we thought it was just a light house!
Alan and Beckie

10/24/2009 | Chuck
Glad Beckie got here ok.Did you try the brake part?
Rhond a wants a full report about "Lee"
10/25/2009 | Debra
At least you went onto the base. Paul saw the guard house, panicked, and did a quick u-turn. Think the girls and I still have whiplash.

Enjoy your time with Beckie. Save travels to Bermuda.
10/27/2009 | your dad
I was stationed in little creek
Little Creek Marina
10/22/2009, Norfolk Va

I moved over to the marina this afternoon. I am settled in at Bay Point Marina in Little Creek for the next week. Beckie will be here in the morning. The boat is scrubbed, everything is put away, laundered, showered, shaved and the plastic flowers are out on the table.
What more do I need to say.

Gets kinda loud here
10/21/2009, Willoughby Bay, Norfolk Va.

I decided to anchor out another night rather than taking a slip at the marina. Willoughby Bay looked good on the chart and had rave reviews in the cruising guides. The two aircraft carriers I saw on the way in didn't bother me. Actually they looked kind of neat. The rows of buildings along the southern edge of the bay looked like warehouses. It was not until I had the anchor firmly set that I realized that I am next to the Naval Airbase at Norfolk. Turns out, the buildings are hangers for the helicopter fleet. Helicopters taking off and landing ALL the time. Some just hovering. Some just sitting there with the engines running. I guess that don't have an idling law like NYC. How did I miss that on the way in? I am also apparently on the runway approach for those planes with the big radar domes on top. I can just about see their faces as they pass by. I just the music up louder. Does the Navy stop when it gets dark? Tomorrow I'll move over to the marina and get ready for Beckie's arrival. Looks like a good day to shower and change the sheets on the bunk. (I've changed them couple times since I left.. really). I've been on the boat 5 weeks now and for the last two and a half I have either been anchored out or on a mooring. Actually being on the hook is a lot quieter than being at a dock.

It was a nice trip down the Bay. Maybe on the way back we'll have time to explore it a little more.

Oh, anyone know what it means when they blow the bugle on a navy base and it sounds like the Kentucky Derby? Next time watch out for who your neighbors are! Sent vis SSB radio

10/22/2009 | Stacie
Hi Dad!
The bugle is called First Call. "Also known as Assembly of the Buglers, was used to wake the buglers and troops and was the first call of the day. First Call is also played to call riders to the starting gate of many horse races including the Kentucky Derby."
10/22/2009 | Stacie
it's a slow night at work.
10/22/2009 | Mom
Rob at West Marine says hello and wishes you lots of luck. Dad went to buy anti-frezze for the cottage

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