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Learning my lessons
10/29/2009, Little Creek

My dock mates for the last week have been 2 Valiant 40's. Both boats have done circumnavigations. One has done it twice. Scott and Kittie have been mentioned numerous times by Beth and Evans. Scott has authored articles on downwind sailing with twin poles and has done many single handed trips to Bermuda. So there is a wealth of information on my doorstep. I am all ears.
It was interesting to have dinner aboard and listening to the 3 of them talk about all the places they've been and the people they've met along the way.
As for the weather, that's another story. Looks like we may be here til Wednesday. Not a very favorable forecast for crossing the Gulf Stream.
If we leave on Sunday as planned, we'll be 150 miles offshore, just entering the Gulf Stream when a cold front passes Monday afternoon into Tues. Bringing N to NE winds in the 20s. The rule of thumb is not to be crossing the stream when there is an N in the wind. Strong winds against a strong current make for an uncomfortable ride .

Have to wait until tomorrow to see what the experts say.

Geez, it's just a lighthouse
10/24/2009, Fort Story, VA

Beckie arrived at 8:30 Friday morning after driving all night. Lucky she had her new friend "Lee", her new GPS buddy, to keep her company. After Beckie got settled in we took a drive though Norfolk and then to Virginia Beach. On the way back we saw a sign for the Cape Henry Lighthouse. So we decided to take a look.
As we turned onto the road there was a guarded road block.
"The reason for your visit ?"
"Please open your hood and trunk."
"Please open your center console and glove box ."
"Please step out of the car."
"Please open all car doors."
"All of them please."
"Stand away from the car."
"No, stand over here please!"
"Any guns, drugs?"
"The reason for your visit?"
"We just want to see the light house."
"ID please."
Well, after he check the underside of the car for oil leaks with a large mirror, we were allowed to proceed
It seems the Cape Henry Lighthouse is in the middle of the Fort Story Navy base (was Army, the navy has it now).
191 steps up and you got a pretty good view of the approach to the Chesapeake Bay entrance and the whole Navy base.
Geez and we thought it was just a light house!
Alan and Beckie

10/24/2009 | Chuck
Glad Beckie got here ok.Did you try the brake part?
Rhond a wants a full report about "Lee"
10/25/2009 | Debra
At least you went onto the base. Paul saw the guard house, panicked, and did a quick u-turn. Think the girls and I still have whiplash.

Enjoy your time with Beckie. Save travels to Bermuda.
10/27/2009 | your dad
I was stationed in little creek
Little Creek Marina
10/22/2009, Norfolk Va

I moved over to the marina this afternoon. I am settled in at Bay Point Marina in Little Creek for the next week. Beckie will be here in the morning. The boat is scrubbed, everything is put away, laundered, showered, shaved and the plastic flowers are out on the table.
What more do I need to say.

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