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300 down, 300 to go
11/02/2009, At Sea

1/2 way point. Wind settling down to a steady 17 to 22 knts. Moving right along. The crew is feeling better and starting to eat again.. Only a few broken items. The toilet broke off the mounting the 1st night out when it was rough. I had to replace a shreded alternator belt at 1 am in a seaway .Hot engine, moving boat.... puke city. took me a day to recover after that. Lucky to have a boat load of good crew. We think we'll be in Bermuda by late Wednesday evening. Water temp going though the Gulf Stream got up to 86. Even with a south wind at 20 to 25 it was kind of rough. I could not imagine if the wind was out of the north. My bunk got kind of wet so it's clamy to sleep in. all for now

11/02/2009 | joanne
Glad to hear you are all fine. Spot was not working for about 10 hours so we were in the dark as to your where abouts. In some way, SPOT can make you worry more as you get dependent on it. When it doesn't work, you get a bit worried.

Keep up the good work, eat lots of comfort food and drink lots.. of water!

11/02/2009 | Beckie
Glad you are all OK. I bet you'll be glad to get to Bermuda. Thanks for fixing the Spot
11/02/2009 | Capt. Paul
So, Lake Ontario sailing is not the same as Ocean sailing? :) Bet those Dark and Stormy's are going to taste real good when you get into port. Sounds like a great adventure. I'm jealous, except for the puking part.
11/03/2009 | Don
Not much good can come of a rambling toilet...

Looks like it's been fun - good job holding things together! Wish I was there (sorta)...

Hopefully winds stay reasonable and southerly. Tweak some lines for me!!
We're outta here
10/31/2009, At Sea

Dawn came and we went. I couldn't come up with any more excuses not to leave. We left the dock at around 7:15 this morning.heading toward the Chesapeake Bay Bridge with clear sunny skies. About 15 knots of wind from the south. Sailing along at 6.7 knots. Everyone is settling into their routines aboard ship. We are about 35 miles from the Bay at this point. more to follow alan

11/01/2009 | Captn Ron
Safe travels Captian Al.
It's Show Time
10/30/2009, Norkfolk Va

The forecaster told us to leave tomorrow or be stuck here til Thursday. So we ran around all day and stashed and stowed. The boat is ready. We're ready. The crew is here and taking their last showers for a while. Actually there out buying fiber pills
If we leave tomorrow and stay ahead of this front coming through, we'll have southerly winds 10 to 20 crossing the Gulf Stream. We need to be in and almost out of the stream by Sunday afternoon. 120 miles out to the edge of the stream and 72 miles across it.
Everything Ive been planning for all these years is starting in a few hours.
Stay tuned.
It's show time

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