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Bermuda Update
11/06/2009, Bermuda

Just a quick update. Still no engine. Can't properly charge the batteries to turn the enjine over fast enough to bled it. We're working on a solution. In the meantime, we're getting good at sailing off a draging anchor in 20+ knots of wind and resetting it under sail. We've done it twice now and it's like we might be doing it again soon. Hope the windlass battery holds up.
So i guess there's a silver lining here someplace.

11/06/2009 | Mom
just to keep you up to date on Irondiquoit Politics
Mary Ellen Haymen & her crew Bello & etc lost the Election,
11/06/2009 | joanne
chin up.. you at least have warm weather. It has been snowing here, not a lot but winter isn't far off now.
11/06/2009 | Capt. Paul
Just a thought....find a way to get some fuel container as high above the engine as possible, like in the cockpit, and let gravity work for you in the bleed process. Inverted water bottle maybe, with a hose spliced into your fuel line. I have a lift pump, and always wondered how I would bleed without it. Maybe a hand pump of some sort.
If it makes you feel any snowed here the other night. Take care.
SV KellyNicole
11/07/2009 | joanne
Its Saturday night and haven't heard anything from you in since your last post am getting a bit worried. How are you fairing? Would appreciate an update so we don't worry.
11/08/2009 | Alexa
Person at Bar: And where does your dad live?
Me: Bermuda I think, but I'd have to check his blog.
We made it
11/05/2009, Bermuda

We made it to Bermuda in 4 and 1/2 days. The last night we had N to NE winds 22 gusting to 32. Had to hand steer due to energy conservation. The engine would not start and I was afaid we'd run out of power for the electronics. So we hand steered and turned the chartplotter on every couple of hours. Sailed into the town cut in high winds, dark and rain. Now that is a dark and stormy. Customs made us drag the the dinghy and motor out from under a ton of shit to dinghy in to their office in the dark and windy and rainy lagoon. Still can't get it started and we had to dinghy in the batteries to get them charged.... so far no fun. Han't slept in a few days.... more when I get my head out of my ass. Sorry for the down blog.
Other than that having a ball wish you were here.

11/05/2009 | joanne
Sounds like you had a trying passage. You all deserve a few days rest and relaxation. Bummer about your engine. Probably the last thing you would have thought would cause you problems.I hope you get the engine sorted without too much difficulty.
Sleep well and enjoy Bermuda.
11/06/2009 | Chuck Phillips
Well it was good to see you made it in one piece more or less. Did you find out what was wrong with the motor? Make sure you look to see what made that belt shred, alignment? Did those pucks work?
Take care
1/2ay there
11/02/2009, At Sea

[s] [d]2009-11-02 17:48Z [t]300 down, 300 to go [l]At Sea [a]Alan [b] 1/2 way point. Wind settling down to a steady 17 to 22 knts. Moving right along. The crew is feeling better and starting to eat again.. Only a few broken items. The toilet broke off the mounting the 1st night out when it was rough. I had to replace a shreded alternator belt at 1 am in a seaway .Hot engine, moving boat.... puke city. took me a day to recover after that. Lucky to have a boat load of good crew. We think we'll be in Bermuda by late Wednesday evening. Water temp going though the Gulf Stream got up to 86. Even with a south wind at 20 to 25 it was kind of rough. I could not imagine if the wind was out of the north. My bunk got kind of wet so it's clamy to sleep in. all for now

11/02/2009 | joanne
Glad to hear you are all ok. As spot disappeared for about 10 hours, I got a little anxious.
When I saw you come back into range, I sent a message earlier, but it doesn't show.

All I wanted to say is good work guys. You are doing very well in adverse conditions. Hope you get you get the head fixed. My advice, don't eat any stinky camembert and drink lots.. fluids.. generally not alcoholic although it always seems like a good idea.
Hope to hear from you when you arrive in Bermuda.

Good sailing. May the weather gods be with you.

11/03/2009 | Capt Walnut
Oh, boy! Crew taking fiber pills and a broken toilet. Good luck with that!

You guys look like you are making great time. Passage weather showed that you were in the windy part of the ocean, with lower winds all around, perhaps too low.

11/04/2009 | Debbie Keskula
We have been watching your trip from Virginia to the Bermuda. Worried a few times when SPOT didn't report your position and we saw SPOT report a slight change of direction. Hope the second 1/2 of your trip was better than the first! We see you will be making landfall tonight. Sweet dreams!
11/05/2009 | joanne
Hoorah you made it!!
Well done.. You all deserve extra rations and many dark and stormies or have you had enough of dark and stormy? You might want to order something called a millpond instead..
Hope you are well, enjoy resting up. We all look forward to hearing about your adventures.

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