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UNABATED at the wharf

At the wharf in St. Georges


Paul, Erik and me (Martin went home before the picture was taken)

11/13/2009 | Mom & Dad
thanks for the pictures wondered where you parked and what you looked like, thought you looked like robin carusa
All in a days work
11/11/2009, Bermuda

For anyone keeping track of the weather here, it's been crap. The wind has been blowing 20 to 25 knots for the past few days. It's expected to be the same for another 2 days. Throw in the rain and it's a paradise. This morning we needed water and we need to take down the genoa but Ive been stern to the wind which makes the sail removal a bit of an under taking. Plus there is no hose at this end of the wharf. So in all this rain and wind, we moved the boat. Plus I was asked to move because a 70 foot boat wanted my space. The yard manager, Francis, who looks like the Marlboro man came by to help. I think he is a yachty who came to the island 30 years ago and never left. I suspect he wears his chaps at night.
So the boat is moved, head to wind this time and when the rain stops we can water up and westle the sail down.
In the mean time, I am still polishing fuel at a rate of about 60 gallons an hour. After 4 hours I get a pint of water. More polishng to do.
I remounted the toilet after consulting with Beckie to make sure the height is OK (She has a makeup mirror mounted at a certain height). So the toilet is now rock solid for the next crew. Wondered why I travel with an 8 foot piece of 1 inch angle We also replaced the float in the shower sump.
All in a days work.....So i guess now it's time for a nap.

11/13/2009 | Capt Walnut
Hi Alan. Hi Paul.

Glad you got the engine running. I have a set of good used injectors for a W60 that I could send. (Is yours a W60, or W58?) I just took my boat to a mechanic to see if I should replace mine, as they have been used for years, but he said to leave them alone. he also said he could "pop" test them for parrter for $20 each, so maybe we could do that to your old ones to see if they really need to be rebuilt (often over $100 each).

If you have time to kill, go to Hamilton, and find the wine bar. It is in a narrow alley extending up the hill from the ferry landing on the left, up and across from a very nice coffee shop. Very cool feel to the place. Take the commuter ferry if you can, it is more fun and much faster than the bus. Weekdays only.

skype me sometime.

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