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At sea again
11/17/2009, Bermuda Harbour

Lett Bermuda at 8:45 AST. Heading south slowly. Motored the first 10 hours. Batteries needed a good charging anyhow. nWinds picked up a little this morning. We're hoping we can sail most of today and into tonight. Need to conserve fuel for the last two days when we know it will be light and variable. Fishing pole out but no lunch yet. Mike and Bill are settling in to the routine of 3 hour watches. Seem to be enjoying their first offshore experience.

Alan '

11/18/2009 | Capt'n Jim
The weather buoy 120 miles south of you has 0 wind gusting to 1.9 knts, 5.9' waves with a 8 sec peak. 1525 hrs EST
11/18/2009 | Capt Paul
The GRIB files I have for your area show you're in 11 knots 067 true and it looks like little or no wind at all until Friday, where it picks up a little. Hope you brought a deck of cards.
Trying to leave Bermuda
11/16/2009, St Georges Bermuda

Mike and Bill arrived here on Saturday. Of course it was raining and blowing when they got here so they got a little feel for what this place has been like for the last week. They are getting used to the routine aboard UNABATED. Close quarters and 4 guys.
We were supposed to leave on Sunday but the winds were blowing out of the south. So we all went to Hamilton and then took the bus to the Naval dock Yard at the west end. Big fort and such. Did some grocery shopping on the way back to prepare for leaving on Monday.
No wind on Monday, so rather than motor the 1st 24 hours were hanging out here til tomorrow. Gonna be a light air trip. Will need to watch how long we run the engine as I only have 80 gallons of fuel. I had 2 five gallon cans on deck and have purchased 4 more. Need to sail the first couple of days in order to have enough for the light air days further south. All the boats here about our size have the same issues. Some of the bigger boats that carry a lot of fuel left already. By this time next week, it will be like a ghost town here. All the crusiers will be gone until the spring when everyone starts the parade north.
So hopfully were outta here tomorrow.
I am READY to go.
more when I know it

11/16/2009 | joanne
Hope you all goes well on your passage to St. Martin.
Good sailing.
11/17/2009 | Stacie
Hi Daddy! Sorry about the little problems you are encountering....hopefully this will cheer you up.....DICK JAURON IS FIRED!! WhooHoo! Super Bowl here we come!! Miss you! Get to St. Martin safely. Love Stacie
11/19/2009 | Skip
Al, did you see the picture of Stacie that Strong published?

Keep working "Goodwrench"!

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