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Open Ocean Strategies
11/20/2009, 367 miles south of Bermuda

Friday morning finds us all up watching the sunrise. Bill has the pole out again. We've some bites but nothing has stuck yet. Teeth marks on the lure. I am trying to justify the new reel I purchased in Norfolk. Plus I wanna get me one of those fish. Fuel consumption continues to be a concern. Our 5 knot rule is now 3 knots. Sail when we can, motor if we have to. We need to sail at least another 50-60 miles out of the next 400 to insure we have fuel. Winds on Saturday look favorable. Just need to be patient is all. No hurry to get there so we settle for the 4 knts we've been averaging. Plenty of food and water. I sleep in the aft cabin and so, I cannot hear Mikes snoring as the rest of the crew has been complaining. Although last night I thought I heard a fish on the line and the reel winding out. Twice I woke up and found it only to be Mike. more when i know it Al and the crew of UNABATED

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