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Sunday - the aftermath
11/21/2009, 173 mi8les to Dog Island

Too much excitement for a Saturday afternoon. It started out with a simple crew request to go swimming. It was calm enough, so we did. Water temp was nice 86 degrees and it was so refreshing. We also found a package of hot dogs so we fired up the barbeque. You know, a typical day on the North Atlantic. After lunch we fired up the engine, again. Not 10 minutes later, the rising temp that we'd been monitoring pegged itself. So I went below to open the engine cover to air things out a little so i could work on it without becoming toast myself. While I had the pump off, Bill who has been making sure the fishing pole gets put out and taken in everyday, found a flying fish on deck and used it for bait. Lo and behold, a hit. A big hit. So there I am stuck sweating over a hot engine and the crew is trying to reel in a 20 lb dolphin ( mahi- mahi) for the PETA people. It took almost 45 minutes to get him into the boat. Bill did a great job landing him. The trick the guy in the bait shop in Norfolk told me about using the wet towel worked. As soon as the fish was in the boat we covered him with a wet towel. He just lied there still while discussed how best to hack him up. 30 Minutes later he was in thee freezer. About 15 or so steaks. more about our saturday to follow.
Ron - wait to you see the pictures....

11/22/2009 | Captn Ron
Nothing beats live bait!!! Enjoy the Mahi! The fight is exceptional and the meals are even better.

Interested in hearing the engine story.
11/22/2009 | chuck
Are you going to stop at your next local fuel station so you have some backup?
I bought a Honda LX-S yesterday. Is it legal to park a 67 mustang and a honda togeather?
11/23/2009 | Stace
It's kinda gross that you hacked up flipper right there on the boat.....but I still want to see the pictures.
11/23/2009 | barb
Congrats on the fish - i hope you enjoyed the feast. Can't wait to see the pictures.
11/23/2009 | Captn Ron
Just took a look at the "Spot" plot. You must be "smelling land" by now. Good for you Captain Al.
11/23/2009 | joanne
congratulations. looks like you made it. Enjoy a beer on terra ferma.

11/23/2009 | Captn Ron

Now if they'll just raise the'll be all set.

What an accomplishment! My hats off to UNABATED, her captain and crew.
11/23/2009 | Beckie
Congrats Babe! I am glad you are finally there. I guess I'll be having fish when I get there. Save some for me. See ya in Dec.
11/23/2009 | Capt Paul
Congrats Captain and crew! Quite an accomplishment for all.
11/23/2009 | Bob & Sue H.
Congratulations to UNABATED Captain & Crew upon completion of your first open ocean voyage! You'll be sorry to hear that you'll be missing our 1st predicted snow this weekend!
Still motoring
11/21/2009, 486 miles south of Bermuda

Still motoring. We've motored about 50 hours since leaving Bermuda on Tuesday morning. 80 gallon tank plus 30 on deck. Gallon an hour . You do the math. Light South head winds. Should be getting a backing wind to the east later this afternoon. Mostly south of 22 deg N. Lots of hits on the fishing pole but no one is staying for dinner. Up every 4 hours draining water from the Racor filter. I am still getting about a cup of water every 4 hours. Will continue to monitor. Pancakes and bacon for breakfast this morning. Last night was Friday so it was homemade pizza ala Mike D. Sorry no beer.


11/21/2009 | Captn Ron
In addition to the fuel consumption issue...your speed is effecting your fishing. Try changing to the lure to something with a lot of flash. Btw...if you hook up a barracuda with this...don't eat it. However...this might find a king fish or if your really lucky a wahoo.
11/21/2009 | dad
try usingbacon on the fishing hook

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