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Inquiring minds want to know...!
12/08/2009, Simpson Bay Marina

OK... for reasons unknown I feel compelled to answer all of Don's questions.
Did you find the water in fuel source? We're pretty sure it was the o-ring on the deck fill. BTW we tested the water in the fuel with the TDS meter and it was fresh, not salt.

Generator going? Well, The Kubota is running the HP pump for the water maker, it's not generating it's own power yet though. Has something to do with, when you run an alternator in the other direction without changing the little fan, it overheats.

What's with the exhaust? Threads broke on the pipe where the 90 degree elbow screws on. Should be fixed by tomorrow. Apparently you can't use that for a step.

What happened with the overheating? Impeller came apart. From Sept to Dec, I put more than 2 seasons worth of hours and wear & tear on the boat. Need to keep that in mind for maintenance issues.

How does rum go with corn flakes? Now Don, you know I am a Cheerios guy.

You have dreds yet? No, still using a #4 on the dog trimmers.

The questions you need to ask is: Why did Mike have to buy a new camera and who forgets to take a camera to a topless beach?

I'll be happy to entertain any other questions from the studio audience....

Oh... the subject of the next blog, "Whats happens when you get boarded by the St. Maarten CG. - Customs and Immigration Patrol"

12/09/2009 | Don
Alright. now we can feel like we are living vicariously through you again!!

By the way, why did Mike have to buy a new camera and who forgets to take a camera to a topless beach (hopefully these are conected..!)?

Looking forward to the boarding party narrative!!!
28C or 28F
12/07/2009, St Maarten

I wasn't going to write any blogs for awhile or at least until I did something note worthy. But, Mom wanted to know why I haven't written any blogs lately. I am not sure too many people want to hear about my boring days here....
I am gong to move to a slip tomorrow so I can fix the exhaust problem. I tried to loosen the pipe today and it doesn't look like it's going to cooperate. I don't want to break it out in the middle of the Lagoon. So, it will be nice to be plugged in... I haven't been since.. Va. ohhhh. Mr coffee.... cool.
Did you know that Stainless silverware will rust if you leave it in the dish rack too long. Esp. if you wash it with salt water.
It's true what they say about stacking dishes - you have to wash both sides.
In the trade winds, (boat pointing EAST all the time), clothes dry better on the starboard side.
Oreo cookies cost 8.00US... you must be kidding, They cost more than a bottle of rum.... you know what I am having with my milk....

I know it too early to speak of this, but I have to start planning on getting home in the spring. Anyone who wishes to participate.... let me know, I have a few open slots left. I would like to have the boat in the Bahamas by the middle of May..... after that - who knows. Route could be St Martin to the BVI's, to PR then though the T&C's up to Nassau.
Beckie will participating on this one. We have not yet figured out just when and where, but she will be here to help bring the boat back - and me.

Also, anyone interested in taking a little trip to Trinidad... All you have to do is get yourself to St Martin... Jan. or Feb - you call it.
Ok mom here is the blog.
ooh, and for all the people that ask.... it's 28C here everyday.... not F.


12/07/2009 | john
keep your mom happy and keep posting, I enjoy it also, and thanks for the invite
12/08/2009 | Karin Beachner
Thanks God for Moms. Keep posting Alan. We all enjoy hearing from you and dreaming about being you. [now that you're there safely!]
12/08/2009 | Don
Dude, doing the rat race every day is boring - stories from the West Indies are a welcome distraction. Keep posting!!

Did you find the water in fuel source? Generator going? What's with the exhaust? What happened with the overheating? How does rum go with corn flakes? Do you have dreds yet? Inquiring minds want to know...!
I be making water
11/30/2009, Sint Maarten NA

Big day today. I got the water maker running. Not great yet, but it's drinkable.
20 gph @ 348ppm for you techno weenies, Kinda crude right now, but now that it is working I can fill in the details, like where to put the water and how to get it there.
Did two load of laundry with my "free" water. Don't ask how much the parts cost.
Things learned today - People who want your money, will take your garbage.

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