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A free for all
12/13/2009, Simpson Bay Lagoon (French side)

Imagine, a packed Wegmans parking lot with no stripes and you could park anywhere you wanted.
Imagine, a body of water twice the size of Sodus Bay but only 9 feet deep and jammed wall to wall with sailboats.
Imagine, a place where anarchy rules.
Throw in the usual Sunday Power boats (but every day of the week).
Put it all next to the Rochester International Airport.
That is Simpson Bay Lagoon in December and I am on the French side, so it's all free,
I had been in a marina for the last couple of days repairing the exhaust on the Red Beast. Which by the way is fixed. Easy Peasy. Came right off after I stood (then jumped) on the pipe wrench. (Not related to back injury below)
I was only going to stay a few days, but I hurt my back so I decided to stay a couple of extra days. No sense being a wounded duck out in the anchorage. Nobody would ever check to see why that boat is still there after 2 years. Just another derelict live-aboard.
Noise, no breeze (or breeze from the wrong direction), 5.00US a day for garbage (even though in 4 days they picked up only 1 bag). I was ready to be on the hook again. I can dispose of my own garbage for free thank you very much.
So, I moved over to the French side of the Lagoon this morning. It's only "about" .425 nm from where I was last week. The other side of the airport runway. So instead of them flying over head when they take off like when I was on the Dutch side, I get a great side view. The 5:15 AirFrance is still the marker for the start of cocktails.
It's Sunday night and I have 5 days to get the boat cleaned and the barnacles scraped of the dinghy before Beckie gets here..... Just not enough hours in the day.
Oh, Last night I met "Marco" at Jumbo's (local watering hole). "Marco "is a delivery captain. "Marco" is from Italy. For those of you on or following the VA to Bermuda leg, ours was a cake walk........
Anyone figure out the answer to Dons' question about the camera?
Enjoy your Monday

12/13/2009 | Capt Paul
So, did Mike get his camera taken away from him by the boyfriend of some young topless beauty, or was it security at the nudist end of the beach. A friend of mine almost lost their camera for the same reason.
12/14/2009 | joanne
Happy Hannukah.
Enjoy the holiday. Think yourself blessed as you have 80 degree weather, we have sub zero and snow.
12/20/2009 | Capt Walnut
I am going to guess that the camera was a salt water/dinghy casualty. Not as good of a story as having it confiscated on Orient beach, but more likely. Happens all the time.
12/20/2009 | Capt Walnut
So...what about the back?
Seasonal reflection
12/11/2009, Sint Maarten

I woke up this morning and thought I would write a serious blog for a change.
Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah. I packed the candles and the Menorah on the boat back in August. Tonight I will light the first candle. I will take pictures to send to the kids as I do when we are not together to celebrate.
It seems this weekend is the weekend that everyone has chosen to get together to celebrate the seasonal holidays, which ever holidays you celebrate. I will miss getting together with everyone. I will miss standing around and remembering the year that has past. I will miss the laughter and the good food. I will miss hearing all the gossip about Oak Park. I will miss seeing all the people that I have grown so close to over the years.
So let me take this opportunity since I can't be with you in person to thank each and every one of you for helping me make my dream come true. Each and every one of you helped in some way. From helping get the boat ready, to being crew. From lending me your husbands or a week or two, to just listening to my bullsh**t. Thank you all. I could not have done it without you.
I especially need to thank my Beckie. She is the one that helped the most, gave up the most. She has been my organizer, my cook, my decorator, my landside support, my rock ( and a few things I can't mention here).
Beckie will be here next week. We have a trip planned over Christmas to St Barts, St. Kitts and Nevis. We will light the last candles for Hanukkah. We will hang some lights on the mast. We will take pictures and send them to the kids as we do when we are not together to celebrate.
So this weekend when you all get together, have a drink for me.
Love and best wishes
Thought of the day:
When you head South and the butter melts - your refrigeration is probably not working.

12/11/2009 | Capt Paul
Happy Hanukkah Alan. We'll be thinking of you when we hoist a few Dark and Stormys over the holidays. I wonder if Barb will have any?
Paul and Deb
12/11/2009 | mom & Dad
12/11/2009 | Skip
Hey GoodWrench,
Which job do you like best? Your old one or your current one? Will check with Scott to see if he is keeping up on your "wrenchings".

Will hoist one tomorrow night to your return.
12/11/2009 | Capt'n Alan
We are getting together tomorrow night as we did last year then back here for dessert, coffee & Sambucca. We wish you could be with us and we will raise a glass or two for you. We all miss you.
12/11/2009 | Mom
nice menorah
12/13/2009 | Captn Ron
Happy Hanukah my friend.

Where you land at St. Barts...have a mojito at LeSelect for me.
12/13/2009 | Karin Beachner
Boy do we have stories to share with you. Hint : if you are following friends to your next destination and you arrive there, you are probably where you need to be:)This won't make any sense to you but some of your followers are now chuckling.
Enjoy every minute Al.
Happy Holidays
12/14/2009 | Barb V
I am looking forward to a Dark and Stormy. Maybe we can make that happen soon???
Missed you Al but wish we could ave been there with you. This winter stuff is crappy. I do believe it's time for summer.
Have a great time when Beckie gets there. Like I really needed to say that!!!
Inquiring minds want to know...!
12/08/2009, Simpson Bay Marina

OK... for reasons unknown I feel compelled to answer all of Don's questions.
Did you find the water in fuel source? We're pretty sure it was the o-ring on the deck fill. BTW we tested the water in the fuel with the TDS meter and it was fresh, not salt.

Generator going? Well, The Kubota is running the HP pump for the water maker, it's not generating it's own power yet though. Has something to do with, when you run an alternator in the other direction without changing the little fan, it overheats.

What's with the exhaust? Threads broke on the pipe where the 90 degree elbow screws on. Should be fixed by tomorrow. Apparently you can't use that for a step.

What happened with the overheating? Impeller came apart. From Sept to Dec, I put more than 2 seasons worth of hours and wear & tear on the boat. Need to keep that in mind for maintenance issues.

How does rum go with corn flakes? Now Don, you know I am a Cheerios guy.

You have dreds yet? No, still using a #4 on the dog trimmers.

The questions you need to ask is: Why did Mike have to buy a new camera and who forgets to take a camera to a topless beach?

I'll be happy to entertain any other questions from the studio audience....

Oh... the subject of the next blog, "Whats happens when you get boarded by the St. Maarten CG. - Customs and Immigration Patrol"

12/09/2009 | Don
Alright. now we can feel like we are living vicariously through you again!!

By the way, why did Mike have to buy a new camera and who forgets to take a camera to a topless beach (hopefully these are conected..!)?

Looking forward to the boarding party narrative!!!

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