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Xmas Eve
Alan & Beckie
12/25/2009, Pinneys Beach, Nevis

So we woke up Thursday morning and decided a rock beach with breaking waves was no place to snorkel. We checked out Majors Bay and that too was pretty bad. This SSE wind has the usual places looking pretty uncomfortable.
We headed off to Nevis to in a 20 knot head wind and a pretty good north swell.
They have about 50 mooring balls set up along the beach and would "prefer" you to take a ball rather than anchor. 20 bucks for the week seemed reasonable enough.
To try and pick up a mooring ball in 20+ knots of wind and a 2-3 foot swell.... Beckie was a pro... got it first time...... rock and roll.... mostly roll... lots of roll.... the wind is about 45 degree off the direction of the swell..... Yuck!
Went into Charlestown to get our immigration work finished. Seems the immigration lady in St Kitts was off Xmas shopping every time we went by. Luckily ST Kitts and Nevis are the same country so we were able to that here. After stopping by the Port Captains office to pay our mooring fee and "environmental solid waste levy" we made arrangements for tomorrows hike through the rain forest.
On the way back to the boat we stopped in the beach bar right off our mooring. A place called SUNSHINES. It's an open beach bar with these great big lazy couches for seating. After many Caribs and Killer Bees..... Beckie dancing with all the locals....swamping the dinghy getting back off the beach and into he surf we headed back out to the boat... still rocking and rolling... mostly rolling..... Yuck!
Our 2 am maneuver was to set out an anchor off the port side to bring the bow into the waves and swell..... Don't try that at home folks...... with the boat rocking instead of rolling we were able to get to sleep.
Rain forest hike today......
Alan & beckie

Xmas Eve Day
Alan & Beckie
12/24/2009, Ballast Bay, St Kitts

Monday we motor sailed to St. Barts and anchored in Anse Du Colombier along with the giant Sea Turtles.
Tuesday we motor sailed from St Barts to St Kitts. I guess the head winds follow you where every you go. What happened to the East Trade winds? On the trip from St Barts to St Kitts, I was able to take a nice video of an excited Beckie watching the Dolphins off the bow of the boat.
Wednesday was spent touring the Island of ST Kitts with Neville our as our guide. We had taken a dock for the evening in Basseterre, the capital. In the afternoon we went down the coast a few miles and spent a quiet but rolly night anchored in Ballast Bay on the south end of St Kitts.
Not sure were we are going to spent Xmas Eve. Might go snorkeling in Majors Bay or maybe head over the Nevis for the night. Where ever we end up, our thoughts will be of our family and friends celebrating the Xmas holiday. May it be in peace. alan & beckie

12/24/2009 | Don
Hmmmm.... Wheel of Fortune with the Folks on the Cape (us) or giant sea turtles in St. Kitts (you)...?! Wanna change places?

Sounds like you guys are having a blast for the holidays.

Peace and good wishes to you and Beckie, and to all of you visiting electronically!
12/26/2009 | Paul and Deb
Merry Christmas Beckie, Alan. Looks like a great time. Cheers to all you sailors out there.
12/27/2009 | Barb
Looks like you two are having way to much!!
All is well in the world

Beckie is here.
We're leaving for St Barts in the morning and St Kitts and Nevis after that.
For those of you watching at home, I'll turn the SPOT on for ya.
New pics in the galley. maybe
See ya - Bye

12/20/2009 | Barb & Capt. Jim
We are very pleased to know that Beckie got there. What a great Christmas/Hanukkah for both of you. May you have calm seas on your travels. Cherish every moment.
Happy Holidays
12/21/2009 | Captn Ron
Btw...HAPPY BIRTHDAY (better late than never).

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