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Change in Plans
01/22/2010, Young Island Cut, St Vincent

Beckie's flight to Canouan was canceled and redirected to St Vincent. So, I sailed north to St Vincent to await her arrival tomorrow afternoon. First time I have been on a STB tack in quiet awhile. Amazing what gets tossed about. Quick 10 mile in a close reach winds gusting to 22 and big a** swells off the ocean between the islands. Time to clean up the boat and make is presentable for someone other than myself.... a

01/22/2010 | Stephanie Siegrist
Hi, Alan--have had your note/blog address on my desk and finally checked up on you. Cool site--looks like you're having a great trip and quite an adventure. Did you feel the earthquake? Do you get a sense of the activity going on in Haiti from where you are (planes flying over, military ships, etc...)? 'Hope the knee is holding up!
01/22/2010 | Captn Ron
Looked at the "Spot" track. How strange to see you sail...north!
01/23/2010 | Chuck
Call me when you can about dates
01/24/2010 | Mom
whats going on where are you know?
Tonight it's Bequia
01/20/2010, Admiralty Bay, Bequia

Long hard sail today. i will provision here tomorrow and head to Canouan on Friday. For those of you looking for the next geography lesson, get your books out.

I am tired so I don't have much to say. I do have these casual observations.

The further south you go, the less US flagged boats. Don't know why that is but you don't see many American boats here. Mostly GB, FR, IT.

When sailing South - the solar panels are ineffective until afternoon.

Unless Cherioes are completely wet (milk or water) you cant eat them in the aft cockpit, unless your willing to pick them up off the sole.

Genoa salami lasts forever

01/20/2010 | chuck
call or look on e-mail
01/22/2010 | Scott Kuhner
Damn, that is good to know about Cheerios. It is incredible how much important information one learns first hand by going out cruising.
No sheep
01/19/2010, Vieux Fort, St Lucia

The guide book says "Tired of the sharing the Caribbean with too may other visitors? Vieux Fort is great: it does not have a tourist bone in it's body" And their right. Out of the way on the southeast coast of St Lucia ,off the beaten path, a large deserted beach and only two other boats. No rolling, no rocking, a nice breeze, a pineapple rum cooler (no ice though) a hot shower. It was worth the 35 miles, th last 12 miles of which was a wild windward beat, to get here. Only one thing missing...... but she will be here in 4 days.

So far I think St Lucia is one of the most picturesque islands I've seen so far.

Tomorrow I will head south and down the windward side of St Vincent and 50 miles later, I should be in Bequia.


01/19/2010 | Barb
AWWW! So romantic.
By the way, the three "Captains" are planning which leg they are going to help on.

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