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Union Island
01/27/2010, Clifton, Union Island

We left Tobago Cay this morning under very windy (29.5) and rainy conditions. I could use the rain because that is my new boat washing strategy. PFR (pray for rain) to wash the crusty salt off.
One boat dragged onto the reef this morning. There but for the grace of G-D go I.....
So... on to Union Island and Clifton harbor. A very quaint and friendly village. Beckie had some banking to do so peoples back home could get paid. Did some provisioning (fresh fruit and vegetables) and I believe we will spend the night here before moving on to Saltwhistle Bay.
Also a good day to do some wash and make some water.
alan & beckie

Local WildLife
01/27/2010, Tobago Cays

Some of the local wildlife

Tobago Cay
01/26/2010, Tobago Cays

We left Bequia yesterday morning after the girls did some shopping and provisioning in town. Beautiful 23 mile sail down to Tobago Cays. Look it up on the internet, I am not sure pictures can do it justice. We are anchored in about 9 feet of water off the horseshoe reef. Nothing in front of us except the breaking surf. We get the full force of the ocean wind and fairly flat seas. Very cool.

The sail down here was great until we got a line caught in the prop, were it actually pulled the prop shaft right out of the coupling on the V drive. We were able to sail into the lee of one of the islands to anchor and make repairs. Beckie did a great job under extreme conditions as we were flanked on all sides by shallow reefs. My buddy Walt was there to help with the underwater job of pushing the shaft back in while I aligned the shaft and key. Took a few hours after after which we were able to reanchor in the spot off the reef. Disaster averted...... Dumbass rookie mistake. Alan & Beckie

01/26/2010 | Karin Beachner
Alan, Perhaps you had other things on your mind and you were distracted. That is certainly understandable. Glad all worked out . It's good to see how things are under pressure:)
01/26/2010 | Stacie
Hi Dad! I miss ya. Have fun with Beckie! Love ya :)

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