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More wildlife
01/27/2010, Tobago Cays

yep, more wildlife

01/27/2010 | Scott Kuhner
Looking at your abs, I see you are really good at photo shop
01/28/2010 | UNABATED
Nope sorry no photoshop.... all this good clean living while cruising..... and a clear lack of junk food on these islands.
Union Island
01/27/2010, Clifton, Union Island

We left Tobago Cay this morning under very windy (29.5) and rainy conditions. I could use the rain because that is my new boat washing strategy. PFR (pray for rain) to wash the crusty salt off.
One boat dragged onto the reef this morning. There but for the grace of G-D go I.....
So... on to Union Island and Clifton harbor. A very quaint and friendly village. Beckie had some banking to do so peoples back home could get paid. Did some provisioning (fresh fruit and vegetables) and I believe we will spend the night here before moving on to Saltwhistle Bay.
Also a good day to do some wash and make some water.
alan & beckie

Local WildLife
01/27/2010, Tobago Cays

Some of the local wildlife

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