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Chafe protection, Yamaha Outboards and Nutmeg
01/28/2010, Saltwhistle Bay ,Mayreau

We were peacefully sitting the cockpit this morning in Clifton having breakfast when one of the boat boys came rushing up to us to inform me that we were anchored in the middle of the fairway and had to leave ASAP. It didn't bother anyone all day yesterday with all the ferries going in and out???? So rushing about we picked up the anchor and tried to move. After two unsuccessful attempts in a very crowded, windy and rolly harbor we decided leave. We decided to motor over to Palm Island, about 2 miles away, to put the dinghy and motor up. In the channel there were gusts to 26 knotsand one heck of a swell running. We anchored in the lee of the island long enough to put things away and headed back out. We sailed up to Saltwhistle Bay on the island of Mayreau. A pretty anchorage, although very crowded. I had to anchor on the edge and we were not quite of the waves bending around the entrance.. I had to set up a bridle off the anchor to point the boat into the incoming swells instead of the wind. Had a nice walk into the small village where we had lunch. It was up a very long and very steep road. The knees felt pretty good, I think the result of laying off the diet cokes. Casual Observations: 1. You need lots of chape protection - everything wears so quickly with all the swells, wind. and rolling at anchor 2. Everyone of the boat boys (not boys at all ) use Yamaha outboards - no question what to bring when you come down here 3. Fresh nutmeg when combined with pineapple juice appears to increase the potency of rum . sent via SSB radio alan & beckie

More wildlife
01/27/2010, Tobago Cays

yep, more wildlife

01/27/2010 | Scott Kuhner
Looking at your abs, I see you are really good at photo shop
01/28/2010 | UNABATED
Nope sorry no photoshop.... all this good clean living while cruising..... and a clear lack of junk food on these islands.
Union Island
01/27/2010, Clifton, Union Island

We left Tobago Cay this morning under very windy (29.5) and rainy conditions. I could use the rain because that is my new boat washing strategy. PFR (pray for rain) to wash the crusty salt off.
One boat dragged onto the reef this morning. There but for the grace of G-D go I.....
So... on to Union Island and Clifton harbor. A very quaint and friendly village. Beckie had some banking to do so peoples back home could get paid. Did some provisioning (fresh fruit and vegetables) and I believe we will spend the night here before moving on to Saltwhistle Bay.
Also a good day to do some wash and make some water.
alan & beckie

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