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A Reel Life Conversation
02/12/2010, Bequia

While I await my daughter Alexa's arrival, which is a story in it's self, I have a few days to relax, clean up the boat a little and work at my new hobby.
Here is a snippet of a conversation I had with Beckie this morning.

(Ron, you gonna love this)
alan says:
remember last night while we were talking
I said I had a fish on the line?
a small blue one
must have been 6-7 inches
well I forgot about it after we logged off
I read for a while and fell asleep
well, all of a sudden
I woke up with a start
to hear the reel going
now remember there was already a fish on the line
not just a morsel of bait
I scrambled out of bed
struggled to find my glasses
and then it was over
I climbed up into the cockpit
and the pole was still there
cause it was tied to the boat
but there was no line left in the reel
Rebecca says:
did it break
alan says:
the pole was hanging off the boat
Rebecca says:
I wonder if a boat took it
alan says:
I tied it pretty good
Rebecca says:
or a fish
alan says:
at 3 in the morning?
the line was hanging off the side
had to be a fish... a big fish
to eat the fish that was already on the line
Rebecca says:
too bad you missed it
alan says:
thats what I am thinking
Rebecca says:
that would have been cool
alan says:
now, how to write that in the blog
Rebecca says:
just like you did
with the errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
alan says:
i could hardly fall asleep after that
Rebecca says:
alan says:
my heart was pounding so
I am not that bad yet
Rebecca says:
I don't know
alan says:
but it was exciting
Rebecca says:
you get pretty excited
about fish these days
alan says:
i think I''ll just copy this whole conversation and put it in the blog
end of conversation

So, somewhere around here is a fish of undetermined size, dragging around a brand new sinker, two new hooks and about 500 feet of 80 lb test line.........
Note to self: tie the line better around the reel if your not gonna be there to attend to it in the middle of the night!

02/15/2010 | Don
You do seem to be developing a fish fixation... almost looks like you have flippers in the underwater shots. Better that a goat fixation, I guess..
It was a good day
02/08/2010, Bequia, SVG

It was a good day.
I dropped off two bags of garbage to the dumpster. The dumpster is on the other side of the ferry dock, by the fish market, which is about a 15 minute ride. I could have tied up at the dinghy dock and carried the bags to the dumpster. But by land it's a fair walk past the Rasta market. So I tied up to the fishing dock and walked over to the dumpster. The fishermen were bringing in their catch up the day. When one fisherman is done and his catch weighed, someone blows a conch horn and signals for the next in line that it's his turn. I watched the process for awhile before heading back to my dinghy.
I motored over to the dinghy dock and walked into town. I found the fishing tackle shop and bought a few new lures. I figured it was about time to try something else as I am not having very good luck. The lady told me..... "That's why it's call it fishing... and not catching..." I bought them anyhow.
I stopped by the vegetable lady that Beckie and I met last week and bought a small Papaya and two oranges. I'll do a better shopping when Alexa gets here. Things spoil too fast down here.
Back to the boat, I ran the engine for an hour. I didn't run it very much yesterday on my way back from St Vincent - I sailed all the way. While the engine was running I tried to find the leak in the port tube of the dinghy - no luck. It has to be pumped up every other day.
After a water break I fixed the old fishing reel I had. I took it apart and found a small wrap of line around the gears inside. Cool, now that it's fixed I can throw out another line - more hooks - more fish? I also put a stronger line on my small casting pole - you never know when you might hook something really big and I want to be prepared.
I sat and read for awhile and finished "Farewell to Arms".
OMG it's almost time for cocktails - Where does the day go......... Beckie knows!
It was a good day

02/10/2010 | Moby Burton
Alan: I am a friend (coworker) of Jim Van Valkenburgh and have enjoyed your blog. I have sailed all of the islands in the eastern Caribbean during over 20 charters. My wife and I are planning a trip similar to yours in a year or two on a Bristol 41 we bought last year. I am interested in knowing what anchor gear you use and what you recommend. Thank you.
It's always a race - right?
02/08/2010, between Tobago Cay and Bequia

He was about a 1 1/2 miles ahead of me when we left. It took most of 3 hours to catch up and pass him. We took pictures of each other. We met up in St Vincent and traded pics. A young french family. They have been out cruising for over 3 years now. The youngest daughter, who is 3, has never lived any place but the boat. Runs around like the whole thing is a playground.
They sail on an Amiel 40.
He enjoyed the race too.

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