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Passage Note 1
03/14/2010, Anegada Passage

Kind of cool out here. I am about a third of the way across the Anegada Passage between Virgin Gorda and St Maatin. I believe that there are 4 other sailboats out here besides me tonight heading for Virgin Gorda (which means Fat Virgin - Columbus named it). There's a bunch of boat traffic. Between the AIS and the radar I am dodging ships left and right. No moon tonight. No clouds and the stars are lit up like a planetarium.
Southern Cross blasting on the stereo.
It's Ok

Passage Note 2
03/14/2010, Anegada Passage

The traffic finally slowed down, just us sailboats out here now. I was able to get some nap time in. I have a SS kitchen timer that I put on my chest as I lie in the bunk and doze for awhile. When it goes off I get up, look around, reset the timer for another 20 minutes and doze off again. I had to reload the drivers for the SSB radio so I could get these messages out and to check in with Beckie. I checked the Racor filter for water (still getting a half cup of water per 6 hours of run time) and checked out the rest of the engine compartment. I had a bowl of oatmeal for a snack. I didn't even have to boil the water. The hot water form the tap is almost 180 degrees when the engine is running. Hot enough to make instant oatmeal. Time to hit the bunk again. The sun will be up in another 2 hours and I have 25 miles to go. a

A Clean Windshield and a Shoeshine
03/13/2010, Simpson Bay, St Maartin NA

I am ready to go. All the shopping is done. everything is stowed. I have done most of the provisioning for the San Juan to Georgetown trip plus my own for the next two weeks. I have some shiny new lures for the trip (hey, I am determined)
The boat is ready to go now that I fixed the broken latch on the freezer lid. I could not find the same size latch on the island so I bought 2 new ones and modified the lid. There is a reason you need to travel with a Dremmel on board.
The laundry (six weeks of sheets and towels) is put away.
I checked out of Customs and Immigration yesterday.
The only thing left is to fuel up and I will do that on the way out of town.
It's about a 90 miles to Virgin Gorda and Spanishtown, where I need to check into the BVI's. So the plan, is to leave later in the afternoon and get catch the 5:30 bridge out of the lagoon and sail over night arriving around dawn. I will be doing the overnight passage solo.
I have been reading all the guides, plotting all the waypoints and trying to get familiar with the area as this will be my first trip to the BVI's and the USVI's. I have until the 27th to show up in Puerto Rico to pick up the guys for the next leg through the T&C's and onto GeorgeTown.
Feels kinda weird to be leaving St Martin this time, as I may not be back for quite awhile. I've gotten to know it pretty well and have met some very nice people here. It's a great place to hang out but it's too inviting sometimes, causing many people to stay here, forgetting why they came in the first place... to sail and explore.
So now it's time to move on....further North (did I really say that).
I'll keep the spot on for ya.

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