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Where have all the boys gone?

One very stark difference that has finally made my consciousness here in the BVI's, is that that there are no boat boys. Why is that?

I used to complain about them when they tried to sell me the current flag of the country as I was trying to get the anchor to set for the 3rd time.

I used to mumble when they knocked on the boat early in the morning trying to sell me a fresh bagette (I am not French you know)

I had harsh words when they woke me up from my afternoon nap trying to sell me fresh vegetables.

I used to wave them off when I was trying to figure out an anchorage and they wanted to rent me a mooring ball.

I used to laugh when they came by and they wanted to do my laundry.

I did have pity on the one legged guy who used to paddle around from boat to boat on a surf board selling fresh fish, although I never bought any.

I actually miss that now.

It added to color and texture of being "Down Island"

You know, they weren't boys at all

Is this a business opportunity in the BVI's?

Where have all the boys gone?

03/18/2010, Norman Island

Motored from Virgin Gorda to Norman Island. I took a mooring for the night. The SWAN rally was there so I went over the Willie T to visit with some boats I had met in Bermuda when the SWAN group was there last November.
Even though it was St. Patricks DAY, the crowd was pretty tame compared to what it usually is. The Willie T is an old schooner that was converted to a two deck floating bar. It does a pretty good lunch crowd and at night it turns a little raucous. I guess it's famous for it's ski and body shots.
Tomorrow I'll head over to Jost Van Dyke to check out FOXYS AND clear out of the BVI's so I can go to St John which is in the USVI's

03/18/2010 | Don
Obsession with taking pictures of flowers 9 months in.... right on schedule (based on data from a land yacht trip)!!! See you in a week or so...!
More on Virgin Gorda
03/16/2010, North Sound

This morning I motored around the island and anchored in North Sound. I avoided all the charter boats by anchoring near Vixen Point. I took the dinghy over to the Bitter End Yacht Club to see what all the fuss is about there. They have a pretty nice water sports area where you can use (rent) any kind of water craft you can think of, except jet skies (thank G-d).
I thought I would treat myself to a cold one while I was there. But I am sorry I think 12.00US for a hot dog, 16.00 US for a Hamburg and 8 for a beer is a little much. I guess I got too used to 2 dollar beers and a 4 dollar Chicken Roti.
The place looks like a haven for the yacht club folks from all over the US. It was the first time I felt out of place since the start of my trip.

03/16/2010 | Moby Burton
Alan: I appreciate your comments about the BVI being like New York City. Wait until Easter week and you'll be able to walk to shore on all the anchored bareboats. The BVI is best in the fall when no one is there. I haven't been there in awhile but I'm afraid all the spots I liked will be crowded. there was a little bar just north of the Beef Island airport that was reasonable. A long time ago I liked Cane Garden Bay but don't know what it's like now.
03/16/2010 | Stormy
I too was shocked at the price of a hot dog at the Bitter End. We were excited to find a place that had them since our 6 year old had been asking for them, but at that price we decided we'd eat on the boat from then on!


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