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Isla Culebrita

The Beach at Isla Culebrita

Off the Beaten Path
03/25/2010, Ensenada Honda

Let me catch you up on my whereabouts the last few days since leaving Jost Van Dyke. I had wanted to go over the the Soggy Dollar Bar but the anchorage was much too crowded and very rolly.
I sailed over to Tortola and spent 2 nights in Cane Garden Bay. It's a nice spot but much too crowded.
I then went to St John and into Cruz Bay. Not many places to anchor in there but I wanted to locate Randy and Anne Frick who live on the island. I actually ran into a local in a Texas style bar who knew Randy ( it figures). I tried calling but there was no answer. They live on the other side of the island from where I was ( Coral Bay). I left Cruz bay and went around the corner to Caneel Bay (one of the parks) I anchored between the mooring field and the beach (which 2 days later I found out I was not supposed to do). Very nice place but also very crowded. I was treated to Dolphins jumping and swimming around the boat one morning which was very cool. But it was time to continue my move west towards Puerto Rico.
I sailed to Isla Culebrita in the Spanish Virgins, which is a wildlife refuge area. Now that place is very nice. White sandy beaches, loaded with big turtles and hardly anyone there, least of all the charter crowd. I spent the afternoon there before moving over to Culebra and into Ensenada Honda.
I've been here the past 3 days and love it here. Very Spanish, laid back and the people are very friendly. Mostly cruisers here and maybe one or two charter boats. Most people come over on the ferry from PR (5.00 round trip) and spend the day at the beaches.
So, I've been exploring the town and the area, killing time before I have to head off to PR tomorrow (Friday) to pick up the the guys on Saturday.

My advice, next time you charter in the BVI's, skip the crowded anchorages, skip the Disney atmosphere, the high prices and head for the Spanish Virgins. It's only a 4 hour sail from St Thomas and it's off the beaten path.

03/25/2010 | Karin Beachner
Sounds like paradise. Please take care of my boys:)
Where have all the boys gone?

One very stark difference that has finally made my consciousness here in the BVI's, is that that there are no boat boys. Why is that?

I used to complain about them when they tried to sell me the current flag of the country as I was trying to get the anchor to set for the 3rd time.

I used to mumble when they knocked on the boat early in the morning trying to sell me a fresh bagette (I am not French you know)

I had harsh words when they woke me up from my afternoon nap trying to sell me fresh vegetables.

I used to wave them off when I was trying to figure out an anchorage and they wanted to rent me a mooring ball.

I used to laugh when they came by and they wanted to do my laundry.

I did have pity on the one legged guy who used to paddle around from boat to boat on a surf board selling fresh fish, although I never bought any.

I actually miss that now.

It added to color and texture of being "Down Island"

You know, they weren't boys at all

Is this a business opportunity in the BVI's?

Where have all the boys gone?

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