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On a mid night watch
03/29/2010, On the way to the Bahamas

We left Puerto Del Rey at 10:30 Sunday morning after returning the rental car and picking a supply of fresh warm bread. We motored for a while to get the batteries charged and then headed offshore. The wind has been as forecasted and we're making good time. The ocean swells have been out of the north but less than 10 feet. It makes it a little rolly but ok. The crew has settled in for watches of 3 hours on 6 off. more to follow a

03/29/2010 | Captn Ron
You skipping the T&C?
Puerto Del Rey
03/28/2010, Puerto Del Rey, Puerto Rico

I have been running around the last two days trying to get ready for the next leg of my trip. Preparing the boat for the 4 day offshore passage to the Bahamas, getting it cleaned for my crew and doing all the provisioning.
4 guys can eat a lot of food in 10 days. Especially if the weather is nice. When the weather is nice everyone tends to eat more.

Yesterday afternoon I picked up Don, Todd and Rick at the San Juan airport. The ride to the airport was about 90 minutes each way. They sure do have a lot of traffic here. After dinner at a roadside diner, it was back to the "sweltering heat" of the boat. They will get used to it.

The marina I am at boasts that it is the biggest marina in the Caribbean. With over 1300 slips, it probably is. It is so large, that they have about 8 or 9 guys running golf carts with trailers on them doing pickup and delivery service to your boat all day long. You just to call them on the radio and they come out to pick you up. Otherwise it's one heck of a long walk. It's a very nice marina, well kept with great service all around AND free fresh water, cable TV and WiFi. The electric is metered, but it's been so long since I've been plugged in, the shore power cord is buried on 10 tons of crap so I didn't bother BUT, I must have spent 2 hours washing down the outside of the boat. It's been a long time since I've had this amount of water to do nothing with but spray the boat. It looks fabulous.
There will probably be no internet in the southern Bahamas, so I will be "offline" for the next 5- 6 days.
I'll keep you posted via the SSB

Isla Culebrita

The Beach at Isla Culebrita

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