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While the Captains are away....
04/06/2010, Stocking Island, Exuma

This is a letter from Karin and Tracy who so graciously lent me their husbands for a few days.

"What do the damsels do while the captains are away? Tracy has kept me very busy. We spent time with Tom, (Todd's father) as he was missing his son.

We took advantage of the gorgeous weather we had in the north. Todd and Rick probably missed summer while away. We had 3 days in the 80's.

But most of all we thought about what the captains were experiencing and realizing how much you long for some sort of communication to alleviate any question or doubt that everyone was fairing well and enjoying themselves. The SPOT was a life saver for us. Even though we couldn't speak to you, we could at least see you were headed in the right direction and weren't abducted by pirates.

I am so glad that they had the opportunity to spend this time with you and take on a new adventure for both of them. Without your courage, it would not have given them the push to experience such an adventure. I hope that the time spent and the experiences enjoyed help build some new hope for Tracy and I to enjoy an adventure in the blue water.

We hope that your continued travels back north keep you safe and can't wait to see more tales of your travels.

Thanks for taking such terrific care of our captains.

Best of luck Alan, calm seas and fair winds to you,

Karin and Tracy

We're here
04/02/2010, George Town Bahamas

Just a quick note before we all fall asleep. We got to George Town at around 9:30 Friday morning. 5 days from Fajardo. Some 650 miles.
We decided not to pull in Rum Cay last night and continue on to George Town.
As we pulled up to Rum Cay, the lights did not match what I was expecting. We stared at it for a while and decided that I didn't come this far to screw it up now. So we pressed on.
But, I gotta tell you, it's Good Friday here. EVERYTHING IS CLOSED... EVERYTHING... nothing will be open again until Tuesday. Locked up tight!
So we stretched our legs a little bit and had a good meal on the boat.
After 5 days offshore it will be good to have a good nights rest.
Tomorrow we will go exploring a try to figure out what makes this place the cruisers Mecca.
Oh, Todd slept indoors last night, the first time in 4 days.
Overall ... good crew, I take them again

Still head Northwest
04/01/2010, Just NW of Mayaguana

Ok, some of you out there are wondering what the heck we're doing. We said we'd be stopping in Mayaguana around midnight on Wednesday. We decided that since we were so far behind that it would better to keep sailing closer to Georgetown before we stopped. As long as we were still in travel mode, why not just keep going. The wind has been steady and in our favor since last evening and w're making good speed now. The current plan is to head for Rum Cay. We can stop and play there for Friday and Saturday before heading over to Georgetown for the boys to make their flight on Tuesday. So thats the plan. Pancakes for breakfast.....'cept for Don - eggs and a fruit cup.


04/01/2010 | Captn Ron
Just did a little research on Rum Cay. Hope you're bring your own rum! Looks to be a sleepy little island!
04/01/2010 | karin
I am so anxious to hear about all your adventures. Hope you are still reeling in the fish.

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