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That's a Good Question Mike
04/08/2010, Stocking Island Exuma

My good friend, crew and dockmate Mike D. left a comment on this blog.
"Looks like a great place!
What has been your favorite so far and why?"

Mike, You asked a good question and one that I think deserves an answer.
The problem is, I think it would take more than a few words in this blog to be able to describe it all. Maybe over a Rum or two. You buying?

Since the beginning of this trip, every time I end up some place new, I have always asked myself "what make THIS place so special, what makes this place the place where people stay for long periods of time?". I think Don K. heard me say that when we got to George Town last week. Whats this place all about? Is this place just a pass though on the way to somewhere else or is it a destination?
The more I travel though out the Caribbean and now though the Bahamas, the answers are getting easier to find.
The locals make it a big part of the equation - whether they think the boaters are a pain in the butt and someone to be exploited (wow that is a role reversal) or do they welcome us as part of their community (Floriduh is a good example)
The sense of community the boaters have amongst themselves.
Obviously the weather.....
The difficulty in getting there.
The hassle of day to day living.... supplies, services, the anchor gonna hold? INTERNET!!??
And to tell the truth... your own reason for being "out there".
So, can I give you a list of places I have been to and list them in order of preference... I wish I could..... I have loved them all, but all for different reasons.... although I have to say that the BVI's are on the bottom of my list.
I probably didn't answer your question Mike, but that's OK, it will give me a reason to stop by and drink your Rum.

It's Quiet around here
04/06/2010, Stocking Island, Exuma

Don, Rick and Todd left early this morning. I shuffled them to the dock in the dark to meet up with Taxi 30 at 5:30 this morning.
We had a good time here even though the town was closed for the holidays. We did some exploring of the numerous beaches around George Town including Volleyball beach where the Chat and Chill is located.
Quite a cruising crowd here, well over 150 boats, most of which have been here all season. Many are passing though either going North or South like me, as the season winds down.
I am starting to get a sense of what the attraction is here. The town folk are very friendly and love having the boaters here. The boaters pitch in and do community projects. It's a very nice relaxed atmosphere here.
After I get the boat put back together, cleaned and the laundry done, I can do some exploring on my own.

But after having the guys aboard for 10 days it seems a little empty and a little quiet around here

04/07/2010 | Karin Beachner
They got home safe and sound Al. Thanks again for taking such good care of my guys. The pictures are great and it looks like you all had a great time. They didn't even smell too bad. I haven't opened up the laundry bag yet!
Enjoy the solitude but hope you get some company soon. See you in May.
04/08/2010 | Mike Dwyer
Looks like a great place!
What has been your favorite so far and why?
While the Captains are away....
04/06/2010, Stocking Island, Exuma

This is a letter from Karin and Tracy who so graciously lent me their husbands for a few days.

"What do the damsels do while the captains are away? Tracy has kept me very busy. We spent time with Tom, (Todd's father) as he was missing his son.

We took advantage of the gorgeous weather we had in the north. Todd and Rick probably missed summer while away. We had 3 days in the 80's.

But most of all we thought about what the captains were experiencing and realizing how much you long for some sort of communication to alleviate any question or doubt that everyone was fairing well and enjoying themselves. The SPOT was a life saver for us. Even though we couldn't speak to you, we could at least see you were headed in the right direction and weren't abducted by pirates.

I am so glad that they had the opportunity to spend this time with you and take on a new adventure for both of them. Without your courage, it would not have given them the push to experience such an adventure. I hope that the time spent and the experiences enjoyed help build some new hope for Tracy and I to enjoy an adventure in the blue water.

We hope that your continued travels back north keep you safe and can't wait to see more tales of your travels.

Thanks for taking such terrific care of our captains.

Best of luck Alan, calm seas and fair winds to you,

Karin and Tracy

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