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I clean up well

Getting ready for Stacie's wedding

Neighborhood Gossip
04/30/2010, Coral Harbour, Ba

A little wrap up for the week. We got here on Monday, sailing through a terrible cold front a with lots of wind and large seas. Beckie left on Tuesday and here it is Friday. I have the boat cleaned up, the dinghy stored away and the boat ready for the 6-7 day offshore passage to the Chesapeake. Filters, oil, pickled water maker ... every thing ready to go.
I was invited for cocktails this evening by the people who own the dock I am rafted up to (3 deep). They are the SSCA station hosts who live here in Coral Harbor. Nick and Carolyn do the weather net for the Bahamas every morning on VHF 72 as well as on SSB radio. They also volunteer with the BASARA
Apparently across the canal is a big pink house that was bought by Anna Nicole Smith a few weeks before she died in Fla. As you can see in the picture there was a large concrete block privacy wall built around the swimming pool (you'd have to get pretty high up to see over that wall) that was never completed. The house is vacant right now... So that is the gossip from here.
I 'll be home this weekend for a few weeks.......

How Appropriate
04/26/2010, S.W. Allens Cay

We spent the last night of our trip anchored in a place called Allens Cay. It's a nice little secluded set of rocks located in the Northern Exumas. It's claim to fame is the enormous amount of prehistoric Iguanas that live here. As soon as they hear the dinghy motor approach the beach.... they come crawling out of the grass. At one time there were as many as 3 dozen of these creatures heading for us. I think they may have seen or smelled the lettuce that Beckie was holding. At one point a few of them got between me and the dinghy. Beckie's response to was to get in the water. (can Iguanas swim?). My response, although it was not needed was to pre-arm myself with a bilge pump before I got out of the boat. They must have seen what I was holding because they quickly retreated. Except of the really big one.... He just wanted his picture taken.
We left Allens Cay for the island of New Providence where UNABATED will be kept for the next 4 weeks while I go home to attend to my FOB duties (Stacie's wedding).
The first 25 miles was a very nice brisk sail under reefed main and Genoa. With about 15 miles to go, a cold front which was predicted to pass though the northern Bahamas late Monday night, got here a little early. With gusts to 32 knots and plenty of rain we were able to make the entrance to Coral Harbour with no problems. If there were any scattered coral heads as the chart indicated, in the driving rain we did not see any. But we are safe and sound and almost dry.
Just another Bahama day.
How appropriate
Alan & Beckie

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