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A busy Tuesday night
06/09/2010, Gulf Stream Off Fla

Last night I was on watch from 2100 to 2400 hrs. It was quiet and we were moving along at over 9 knots. At about 2330, after checking the horizon and the radar for any traffic, I went below to check Emails and request an updated GRIP file. I could not have been down there for more than 10 minutes. On my way up I stopped and grabbed a chocolate pudding. When I got back into the cockpit and looked around, I yelled "Holy Shit". It looked like a parking lot. Red and white light all over the place. A quick look at the radar looked like I was in a marina. The closest boat was about 1 mile off my Stb bow. I quickly altered course to Stb and turned on our mast light to illuminate our sails. I then quickly got Walt of bed for an extra set of eyes. It took us a while to figure out what was going on. I radioed out on 16 to "any boat in the area of 30n x 79w please respond on chan 16. I tried 3 times without an answer. I finally called and said " with all the boats out here someone should answer." Finally someone spoke up. It was a British voice and he told me they were UK war ships conducting maneuvers and he had us on his radar. They all altered course for us. We were sailing after all. They came out of nowhere and left as quickly. About 40 minutes later another ship passes with in a mile of us. We called and they quickly answered as US WAR SHIP 49. They had us on radar and where going to alter course to go behind us. We wanted to ask em they knew the Limeys were playing in their sandbox... but thought better of it. Just a little excitement....

06/09/2010 | Don
Any mysterious disappearing targets??
Tuesday evening
06/08/2010, Gulf Stream Off Fla

Despite the NE wind at 18 knots we are in the Gulf Stream, For the last 4 hours we've been doing well over 9 knots SOG with boat speed around 6.5. Rock and Roll. Clear skies and no moon. cheers a

3 AM Watch - June 8th 2010
06/08/2010, 28nN 79W

Still motoring north. We've covered over 220 nm since we left on Sunday. Winds have been fairly light and variable. We've dodged a number of high energy thunder storms so far. One last night that we made a large circle trying to let the storm pass before heading north. Massive storms that lit up the night. Tonight the winds have out of the north at around 12kts, with a prediction of clocking around to the E, then clock around to the S to SW to W. The strategy is to parralel the GS until the winds clock around to the west then head for the Gulf Stream. We should pick up a little more speed then. So far I had to replace a length of tubing that connects the potable water system to the manifold after losing 60 gallons of water from the bow tank. Monday morning I had to replace the raw water pump because the engine over heated. Tomorrows chore is to try and repair the macerator. It works but leaks. This trip has been far different from the last ones due to the fact there are only 3 of us here. The sleep patterns are way different. Trying to keep up with the fix em up chores and still doing a 3 hour watch and then trying to get some sleep. This will probably be the last long passage for UNABATED for awhile..

06/08/2010 | Captn Ron
15 pound Mahi! Nice. Word has it there are a lot of them running in the stream now.

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