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Important Update - A well equiped tool box
06/11/2010, 25 miles off Cape Hatteras

For months now I have been professing the need for spares. Not only for your primary devices but also for your backup devices as well. Not only do you need a Plan A for your primary device but you need a Plan A for your backup devices also. When your primary device fails, breaks, gets lost, falls overboard or you just plain forget how to use it, You need a plan to fix, repair, find,retrieve or read instructions for that device. The same holds true for your backup device because that now becomes your primary device. So now you need to be able to recover from the loss of use of that device as well. Get it?? So after 9 months and close to 5000 miles, I have found out where my failings are (and trust me there are many). The one that sticks out this morning is the failure of the can opener. I can't even begin to tell you how fustrating it is to be offshore in 20+ knots of wind, seas running to 10 + feet and you can hardly stand in one spot, to not be able to open a #*&^%G can of beans. So let that be a lesson to all who go out to sea....... Must be something in the tool box I can use.......... a

06/11/2010 | Cat Tales
Good luck you three! I will need to know what type of lure you bought...sounds like you're eating well. Sail safely. DAwn
One the way to Norfolk
06/11/2010, 45 miles off Cape Hatteras

It' been a busy week. We've been motoring for the 6 hours but we sailed a good hard 30 hours before that. With wind of 20 to 22 knots behind us it's been rock and rolly making good speed in the GS. At some times we were doing in excess of 10,5 knots over the ground. That's moving right along. We have dodged a number of thunder storms along the way. Always interesting out here thats for sure. We have about 170 miles to go before Norfolk and one more weather system to go through. We're now trying to make enough Easting so that when the wind goes right (NE) we can go left (NW). We've been though the middle of a British navy war game. Been shadowed by a nuke submarine of unknown nationality (they wouldn't not answer the radio). Had a helicopter hover over us for a while. We've caught 3 big Dolphins (fish not mammal) and 3 barracuda. The freezer is full and we're getting tired of cleaning the fish guts out of the cockpit so we're now gutting them on the side deck. While I was home I had a 10 .00 certificate for West marine, so I bought a new lure . This one has caught a lot of fish so far. We should be in Norfolk sometime on Saturday. Hope is well at home on Sodus Bay and you all are getting some sailing in. alan

A busy Tuesday night
06/09/2010, Gulf Stream Off Fla

Last night I was on watch from 2100 to 2400 hrs. It was quiet and we were moving along at over 9 knots. At about 2330, after checking the horizon and the radar for any traffic, I went below to check Emails and request an updated GRIP file. I could not have been down there for more than 10 minutes. On my way up I stopped and grabbed a chocolate pudding. When I got back into the cockpit and looked around, I yelled "Holy Shit". It looked like a parking lot. Red and white light all over the place. A quick look at the radar looked like I was in a marina. The closest boat was about 1 mile off my Stb bow. I quickly altered course to Stb and turned on our mast light to illuminate our sails. I then quickly got Walt of bed for an extra set of eyes. It took us a while to figure out what was going on. I radioed out on 16 to "any boat in the area of 30n x 79w please respond on chan 16. I tried 3 times without an answer. I finally called and said " with all the boats out here someone should answer." Finally someone spoke up. It was a British voice and he told me they were UK war ships conducting maneuvers and he had us on his radar. They all altered course for us. We were sailing after all. They came out of nowhere and left as quickly. About 40 minutes later another ship passes with in a mile of us. We called and they quickly answered as US WAR SHIP 49. They had us on radar and where going to alter course to go behind us. We wanted to ask em they knew the Limeys were playing in their sandbox... but thought better of it. Just a little excitement....

06/09/2010 | Don
Any mysterious disappearing targets??

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