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In the Freezer
06/12/2010, Somewhere off the coast of Carolina

Picture of Walt with the fish .... A little lighter

06/12/2010 | Captn Ron
Welcome back Unabated. My hats off to your Captain and his many crew members. We have enjoyed watching the journey. "It's been a lovely cruise..."
The big one
06/12/2010, Somewhere off NC

Picture of Walt..... This one was a fighter (the fish)

Troy M.
06/11/2010, Off Outer Banks

Measure your success by what you've given up to achieve it. Work hard, sacrifice, it pays off - that's my perception. But there's another way to look at it. Let me see what we've achieved: Sailing in 20+ knots at near beam reach. Motoring over water like glass revealing starfish the size of my hand. Glimpsing a whale fin tapping the ocean surface.

Dodging lightning, chasing boat speed, talking economics, weather, racing, mathematics, politics, women and the virtue of red mornings. Avoiding Her Majesty's Navy,trying to raise the nuclear sub off starboard on the radio and a couple of hours in dead calm repairing an engine that swallowed a small jellyfish. Oh, and convincing Allen to keep whatever coldcuts he has up his ass left in place.

We've caught a couple of dolphin, much of what we ate directly - cooked in a bag with spices and lime juice - and some we've saved for those waiting for us onshore. We've seen the Milky way cloudy across a clear night, anchored by Saturn at sunset and a rising quarter moon just before sunrise.

And the sacrifice? Work. Some responsibilities. Phone calls. Emails. And, time with my family. Save for the last one, summing it up makes the success even that much sweeter.

So, now, less than 24 hours from the landfall, thinking about the hot shower and glass of rum calling my name, I measure my success in the name of Unabated - Nassau to Norfolk, with some new friends, frozen dolphin steaks, and warm chocolate brownies in the boat oven and think, a pretty damn good success.

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