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06/20/2010, Deltaville Va.

So much for the happy ending. After all these months and miles without any major disasters or blood spilling, it happened.
As they were lifting UNABATED out of the water, the strap on the travel lift was misplaced about an inch or two.
The short story, because the long story is too painful to retell...... is one blade on the prop has a different pitch than the other two and the strut has been been bent enough to counteract any prop walk that it used to have.
The engine will have to be removed to replace the strut. The shaft will have to be straighten as well has the prob.
Looks like a few more trips to Virginia.
oh well...........

06/30/2010 | Cat Tales
Hi, we're glad you made it home safely, but we're sorry for your haul-out troubles. When do you think your next Unabated Adventure will begin?

Cat Tales is on the hard in Trinidad and we'll return mid November. You may know that we're joing Walt and Dana mid July for sailing on Madness. Can't wait! Hi to Becky, Dawn and Laurie
06/30/2010 | Walter Piescik
Bummer. You may not have to remove the engine. I did manage to loosen the four nuts that hold the strut in place with my engine in place when I went to re-bed the strut. The strut was so securely fastened in with old 5200 that I did not get it removed, but I think I could have with torch. I just tightened the nuts up and went sailing. I will call you.

Also, don't forget that I have some rebuild parts for the v drive that you can have.
mmmm Can't think of a funny title
06/17/2010, Deltaville Va.

On Monday I sailed up to Deltaville to check a yard to store UNABATED for awhile. Highly recommended was the Deltaville Yachting Center. It is a nice, clean, well managed yard. The owners seem very friendly and willing to help with whatever I need...... AND the price was right!
I have spent the week taking the sails off, cleaning, throwing out things I haven't looked at or used in 10 months. I spent time looking at things that have brought a smile to my face when I remember how or where I acquired it. I pickled and winterized the water maker. Changed the oil and all the filters on both engines. Packing up clothes and books. Hey I found 13 bottles of rum stashed all over the boat. Different brands from different islands. Side note: According to Customs in Norfolk I could have brought back more ... he draws the line at over 15 cases..... well, that's what he said.
While the boat is on the hard, I will be having the V drive rebuilt to see if the clunking will go away. I will also be taking care of that nasty oil leak that is getting worse. The engine will have to be removed for that.
Beckie will be here tomorrow to help pack things up. She's been my rock though out this past year and I hope I do not try her patience too much as I make an attempt to "put the anchor out" as they say. Walt and Dana have already warned us.........
It's been a hard week to say the least, both physically and mentally. I've written and re- written this paragraph 4 times...... trying to be not so melancholy.
Thank you all for watching my little adventure unfold. I have learned a lot about myself and the world around me. I have met some great people along the way and will always cherish the friendships and memories. The encouragement and support from everyone went a long way to making this one hell of cruise.......
Fair winds to all
I'll be back....... Soon!!

06/18/2010 | Paul Lefebvre

Congratulations on your successful cruise. I really enjoyed being part of it and hopefully will see you out there again .

06/18/2010 | Captn Ron
Again...congrats Al. Not sure what I'm going to read in the morning now that this phase of the adventure is over?

If you miss chasing Mahi this and Becky find your way down to "Flori-duh" (yeah I did notice that when you wrote it). And bring the $10 silver thing...
06/22/2010 | Karin Beachner
Thank you Al for paving the way for many of your sailing friends. You have given many a dream seem like it could be a reality.
We are all proud of you.
06/16/2010, Little Creek Marina

We crossed into the Chesapeake almost exactly 6 days after departing Coral Harbor. It was a good passage. Lots to do and see to keep us entertained for 6 days.
Walt and Troy make good crew and I would love to have them again. As a matter of fact, I have had 6 different crews, 17 different people (some of them twice..... glutton for punishment???) on UNABATED since last Sept and all of them were the best. After talking to many other owners and captains I feel very fortunate to have had such good luck finding good crew and sailing companions. My thanks to all of them and their families for giving them up for long periods of time.
We spent Saturday doing the customs thing, refueling the boat and then attended a "Marina Party" that was being held... free beer and pulled pork.
Saturday night we took a taxi into downtown Norfolk to see the fireworks for their HarborFest. We had dinner ashore for the 1st time in 6 days. Norfolk is a happening place.
The guys left on Sunday for the drive back to Greensboro. I spent the day doing laundry and getting the boat cleaned and ready for the next leg.
On to Deltaville......

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