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and a cup of Joe
10/27/2011, Hampton Virginia

Not too many repairs aboard UNABATED rate higher than this one.
I love perked coffee and when your at anchor, there are not many options. Well, the little thingy on the tube that holds the spring under the basket wore away and failed to keep the basket up tight against the cover. This failure would cause the coffee grounds to find their way into my cup.
I know this isn't high tech but it works. I hope that clamp is real SS. The only thing worse than grounds in your coffee is rust.
I guess you have to be prepared to fix anything.
Nice clean cup of coffee this morning!

Hampton Va.
10/27/2011, Hampton Public Piers

I left Deltaville finally at 7:45 on Tuesday the 27th as planned. Fueled up on the way out. Quite breezy and choppy out on the bay. Dodging crab pots as usual. Took me a while to get back into my routine. As I was checking on things around the boat, I noticed that the charging system was up to over 17 volts. I shut the engine down and disconnected the Voltage Regulator. I would have to wait until I arrived in Hampton to look it. Had a nice motor sail down the bay. The closer you get to Hampton where the bay narrows to the Elizabeth River it gets to be an exercise in traffic control. Navy Ships, tugs, fishermen, sailboats, you got it all, are converging on this one place. Only slightly nerve racking.
I docked at the Hampton Public Pier because I had a certificate for a free night that I got at the boat show, plus one night, so it a kinda cheap. Very nice place, great people. It's also the host marina for the Carrib 1500, so there are lots of fancy boats here getting ready.
I found the problem with the over voltage condition being a loose fitting fuse holder on the VR sense wire which allowed the sensing voltage to be erratic at times.
The problem caused the combiner for my start battery to die a premature death.
As I always say, if you want to see what a city is really like, take public transportation. West Marine was a walk and a bus ride away and a walk away. Got the parts I needed with a stop to the Food Lion for some groceries and then back to boat, which was a walk and a bus ride and walk away. Problem solved (much simplified statement to be sure).
Today I am on my way to meet a friend (another 424 owner also heading south) about 5 miles from here on the Lafeyette River. Probably start down the ICW on Friday.
All for now

Garbage and OXYClean
10/23/2011, Still here in Virginia

Well, it's Sunday night and I've just taken out the garbage as usual, you can't get away from that no matter where you are. 3 bags today, 3 bags yesterday, more previously during the last 2 weeks. I have been going though the lockers and straitening up. Throwing out crap that has been hanging around too long, cans that are rusting though and other miscellaneous items that I have determined no longer have a useful life aboard. That is one of the problems with having too much storage. Now I have more room to put the crap that I have acquired recently. My plan is to leave on Tuesday morning and head for Hampton Va. where I will be meeting another 424 owner who is also on his way south. I've been in Deltaville a little over a year and a half. Well the boat has, I've been on the farm all that time. I've been here 2 weeks in the water and it's time to go. 3 full pages of work list items have been completed or at least have been looked at and moved over to another list called "Long term Projects" That list is growing by leaps and bounds as UNABATED starts to show her age and the wear and tear of cruising in the sunnier climates. I also discovered a new cleaning product. My new mantra is OXYClean. I cleaned a load of rags (actually wash cloths that I buy at the Dollar store for 4 bucks for 20 towels) that have been used anywhere from scrubbing the decks and dinghy to wiping down the bilge and under the engine. Not to be cheap, but I am sailor after all, I wanted to save these rags. Someone here turned me onto OXYClean. Soaking them in OXYClean for 45 minutes produced a load of unbelievably clean rags (wash cloths). I can't wait to try it out on my shorts and tee shirts. Remember, I have a manual washing machine So there you have it, garbage and OXYClean. Hopefully I will have more interesting stuff to read about as I make my way down he ICW. Ron, put that beer on ice. Alan

10/24/2011 | Ron
Beer will be ready! Let me know if you want some crew next week. I can catch up with you the 4th through the 8th.
10/25/2011 | Alexa
here's an interesting article on the Mackinac deaths:

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