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Oriental MM 182
11/04/2011, Oriental, NC

I finally got the battery issue sorted out. Turned out to be a bad cell in one the four batteries that make up my house bank. After equalizing the batteries overnight (10 hours), we retested all the batteries (load test) and they were all OK. The voltage regulators (main and spare) now seem to work properly. The bad cell screws up the whole system.
So I moved over to the anchorage in Oriental, Beaver Creek yesterday afternoon. Deatons was nice, but a long walk into town, plus I didn't think I wanted to spend 3 more nights there at $$$$ a night.
The plan was to go to Beaufort today but it's raining and the forecast for later today and tonight into tomorrow is for NE winds 20-25 with gusts into 35+. So I guess I'll stay here until at least Sunday. The anchorage is kind of protected and I have this big ass anchor out with lots of chain. I am dug in pretty good... We'll see.

Broad Creek MM 173
11/01/2011, Broad Creek NC.

Another long cold day. Spent the night in the Pungo River at mile marker 127 (or there abouts)
Left the Pungo Creek to continue the trek south. Even more boats in line today. I must have counted at least 25 within sight of me. Lots of cold North wind. Lots of good downwind jibing trying to stay in the channel and trying to keep the sail full. Anchored tonight in Broad Creek just north of Oriental. I have an appointment at Deaton's on Whitaker Creek to take a look a battery problem I've had since I left Deltaville. A Pearson 424 owner works there and has made arrangements for me. The Pearson 424 group has a lot of great people.

11/02/2011 | Alexa
The girls at work want to know what is your favorite carribean location. (If it is in the grenedines please also choose a second)
11/02/2011 | alan phillips
Well.... I guess it would all depend on what you wanted to do....
Dominica, if you wanted hiking, nature stuff and tropical rain forests. The people are very nice there and they boast 365 rivers. One to visit every day.
For "fun in sun" - any of the non-english islands. Sint Maartin, St Barts (expensive), Martinique (very french).
A lot of cruise ships stop in Sint Maartin for a few hours. You really need to stay there a week to get the real feel. Half Dutch half French easy getting around and inexpensive.
Email me if you want more info
Pungo Creek MM 136
10/31/2011, Pungo Creek NC.

Will fill in the blanks later

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