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Georgetown SC MM 402
11/10/2011, Sampit River SC

Anchored tonight in Georgetown, South Carolina. Downwind between a steel plant and a paper mill. Good to see the economy here booming - sucks to be downwind of it.
The prettiest day so far, traveling down the Waccamaw River. Complete with hanging moss, abandoned rice fields and Cypress swamps.

11/12/2011 | Chuck
Did you find the rest. in the old navy building I told you about?
Little River SC MM 342
11/09/2011, Calabash Creek, SC

More later

Carolina Beach MM 294
11/08/2011, Carolina Beach,NC Cape Fear River

Bridges turn out to be the great equalizer.
No matter how fast your boat goes, no matter how many boats pass you, or you pass.... you all end up waiting for the bridge to open. So all the boats that you passed or all the boats that have pass you.... all end up bunched together, waiting for the bridge in the same spot.
Might as well take your time. I put the engine in neutral and drifted for 50 minutes with the current at 1.8 knots and was right there when the bridge opened and waved at all the skippers that past me.
Like they say, if you don't have the time, you shouldn't be here.

11/10/2011 | Don
Sounds like Socialist cruising ;o) Fair winds and deep water for your outside passage - try not to find any shallow spots.
11/11/2011 | Paul
If you do go bump, please mark the spot. Got a feeling I'll be following your tracks real soon. You think Don would be too annoying to take along? :)
11/11/2011 | Don
11/11/2011 | alan phillips
Except for his dietary habits..... Don is one of the finest crew members I had aboard UNABATED. I'd have him back in a heartbeat.
But.... he brings his own food, so not all bad.
11/13/2011 | Paul
Just kidding Don. You know you're the best sail tweaker around.
11/15/2011 | Don
my price just went up ;o)

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