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Charleston MM 469
11/13/2011, Charleston, SC

There was no post on Friday when I got to Charleston. It took me a couple of days to compose this (and myself). While waiting for the Ben Sawyer bridge to open for the 4 o'clock southbound traffic, I snagged a crab put that was near the side of the channel. There was a wind behind us and some current and we were all trying to stay put and not hit each other. While trying to maneuver between another boat and a crab pot and stay in the channel, I ran over the line and it got wrapped around the shaft.
Needless to say it did not make my day at all. I needed to call TowBoatUS to come get me. They (Capt. Woody) were there in 20 minutes and towed me in the last 5 miles to the Charleston Maritime Center. By the time we got there it was dark, but without too much trouble got tied up and was able to take stock of the situation.
Saturday morning I started calling around for a diver and got one lined up to come by at 3 PM. A couple I met the day before in Georgetown came over to see me. They had heard about my mishap on the VHF Friday afternoon. No Secrets out here. Chuck volunteered to use his SCUBA tank to go under UNABATED to cut me free. He was able to unwrap and cut away what he said was yards and yards of line, complete with trap. We were not able to retrieve the crab pot. I do however have the orange ball that is was attached to. So.... I am now a poster child for UNLIMITED GOLD towing from BoatUS. NO CHARGE.... it could have cost in the hundreds if dollars if I did not have the insurance. And of course kudos to Chuck and Stuart from "Long Gone" for helping out a fellow sailor.
My pride is slowly healing.

11/13/2011 | Paul
Well, I guess I will have the Unlimited Gold before I leave...and a small scuba tank too.
11/15/2011 | Don
Hopefully that's the worst mishap on your trip. I would keep the crab pot marker well hidden; the fishermen tend to not have much of a sense of humor about those sorts of things...
Georgetown SC MM 402
11/10/2011, Sampit River SC

Anchored tonight in Georgetown, South Carolina. Downwind between a steel plant and a paper mill. Good to see the economy here booming - sucks to be downwind of it.
The prettiest day so far, traveling down the Waccamaw River. Complete with hanging moss, abandoned rice fields and Cypress swamps.

11/12/2011 | Chuck
Did you find the rest. in the old navy building I told you about?
Little River SC MM 342
11/09/2011, Calabash Creek, SC

More later

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