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Ft. Pierce MM 965
11/21/2011, Ft. Pierce, Fla

Almost there.......The plan is to pick up fuel in the morning and Ron hopefully. Ron will be doing the last 20 miles to Manatee Pocket. I'll get a chance to sit back and relax while he drives the boat.

11/21/2011 | Ron Mariano
I will be there for sure! Consider me the Martin County Pilot.
11/21/2011 | alan
I get nervous when I hear people say that... how's your mojo lately....:)
11/22/2011 | Don
Hey Ron - did you ever mention hitting bottom coming back from fishing when we were out? ;o)
Cocoa Beach MM 904
11/20/2011, Cocoa Beach

Tough day today. It was 64 NM with most of it in the morning with SE wind at 15 kts. Guess what direction we were traveling in? The afternoon turned out better at least we headed more south and was able to take the headsail out. By then it was 16 - 18 kts and a romping good sail. Anchored on the east side of the Indian River near marker 88, out of the wind. Miller time. alan

Daytona MM 830
11/19/2011, Daytona Beach Fla.

In Daytona Beach, anchored south of the Memorial Bridge. Exceptional day today, didn't bounce off the bottom once. Probably due more to the deeper ICW than my attention or inattention to the helm.

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